If Emojis Were Toddlers: A Lesson in Translation



It’s been said that people use emojis to clarify the meaning of a text or email. For instance…


The first text might be someone chuckling about the fact that your period is late and you are going to have ANOTHER baby. The second one is a text you might send to your significant other who is late, yet again, for a parent-teacher conference. Both say the same thing in the text, but the emojis clarify the meaning.

As a parent, sometimes we need clarification too. Just like at the doctor’s office on that silly poster that shows the different faces and what they mean on a pain scale, our toddlers can get lost in translation. Luckily, I’m here to help. What follows is a list of emojis and what they mean in toddler language. I warn you, though, some of them may trigger emotions inside of you that you didn’t know were there. Toddlers are here on Earth to test us. It’s a fact.

Feel free to print them, laminate them, and keep them on you at all times so you can decipher your toddlers. Keep in mind the cards don’t give any suggestions on how to deal with the various toddler emojis. I’m not a wizard.

Good luck!

Winky Toddler (1)

Expensive Toddler

Super Cool Toddler

Overtired Toddler (1)

sick toddler

Angry Toddler

Really Angry Toddler

Tears of Joy Toddler

Grimacing Toddler

Mouthless Toddler

These do not cover the range of toddler emotions (is there any way possible to cover the range of toddler emotions?), so feel free to add your own. I hope these will be helpful to you as you navigate these special years as a child transitions from babyhood to childhood. You might want to save them, though, as I hear teenagers are just as difficult to decipher…

We want to see your toddler emojis! Leave them in the comments below to help fellow parents with their offspring.