Chattanooga Coffee Shops


Chattanooga Coffee Shops

I first began going to coffee houses in college, since my hometown coffee house options consisted of a McDonald’s or happy hour at Sonic after school. I discovered the delight of spending the same amount of money on an expertly crafted espresso as I would on a strawberry limeade and Chedd-R-Peppers, and I was hooked. On the weekends, my friends and I would beg, borrow, or occasionally steal someone’s car and drive 45 minutes to “Chatty” to find homey comforts away from the dorm and campus. Over the last 11 years, the Chattanooga (locals DON’T call it “Chatty,” as I have learned) coffee house scene continues to stretch, grow and pride itself in providing the area with unique startups and the cool vibes expected of this city.

Here is a list of area coffee house recommendations from a perfect team of experts: moms!

North Shore/Southside (Downtown for newbies!) 

The Spot1800 E. Main Street

Chattanooga Mom’s favorite coffee shop! This quiet neighborhood joint serves up delicious sandwiches, cold beers, milkshakes and most importantly, coffee! The outdoor patio is a great place for restless children and the indoor atmosphere boosts little niches of private space with cozy couches, lamps and board games for a day date or post school coffee run with kids. Their space is rentable for baby and bridal showers, or other private events.

Rembrandt’s204 High Street 

Indoor/outdoor seating, feels like you are in Italy, except it is Tennessee and the weather could change while your order your coffee! Full menu, handcrafted desserts and chocolatier, and locally roasted coffee.

Milk and Honey: 135 North Market Street

Across from the riverfront, indoor and with a few outdoor seats, this coffee house boasts a hipster diner atmosphere with full menu, GELATO, and quirky and delicious coffee inventions.

Stone Cup Cafe: 208 Frazier Avenue 

Practically on the riverfront area, longtime haunt of college and high school kids alike, live music evenings, breakfast and lunch menu, and locally roasted coffee.

Mean Mug: 114 W. Main St. & 205 Manufacturers Rd Suite 109

Locations on both sides of the river now! Housemade bakery items, vegan and paleo options on their breakfast and lunch menu, coffee in just about every way imaginable, featuring local roasting companies.

Mad Priest: 719 Cherry St. Suite 100

An all day and into-the-night coffee house which also features cocktails, wine and beer. Committed to a zero-waste lifestyle, providing the area with delicious and healthy (vegan and gluten free options) breakfast and lunch menus, Mad Priest is quintessential Chattanooga.

Frothy Monkey: 1400 Market Street

A chain brought down from Nashville, but too good to not include! Located in the Chattanooga Choo Choo, perfect for bringing kids to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or just dessert, crazily concocted yet delightfully delicious caffeinated drinks with house made syrups.

Wildflower Tea Shop & Apothecary1423 Market St. 

Yes, this shop features the lighter side of caffeine, but it is a most popular choice among our Chattanooga Moms crew, embodying the values of a coffee shop: an atmosphere to relax, talk, and enjoy a warm cuppa of whatever your preference.

Peet’s819 Chestnut St. 

Recently opened in the new West Village area of Chattanooga, it is a welcome addition to an area close to many family destinations, such as the Lookouts, Creative Discovery Museum and High Point.

Velo: 509 E. Main St. 

If you are into the true coffee taste and not the fancy add-ins, Velo is well known (outside of Chattanooga as well!) for having the best. Its discreet location and industrial atmosphere may not be your typical coffee shop style, but it will satisfy a true addict’s needs for a quality cup.

ToGetHer Cafe801 S. Orchard Knob Ave. 

A coffee house with a mission to fight human trafficking, this shop on the upper Southside is a beautiful two-story cafe with housemade baked goods and originally crafted lattes. It’s a great meeting place that keeps away from the traffic and bustle of the downtown scene but feels upscale and personal at the same time.

Sleepyhead Coffee735 Broad St. 

A newcomer on the Chattanooga coffee scene, this bright little shop full of plants and fresh smells is located in the heart of downtown. Check out their vegan offerings and great space on a visit through the business district!

Cadence Coffee Company: 11 East 7th Street

From their website: We seek to be part of positive change in our city. We want to do our part to help end homelessness, poverty, human trafficking, joblessness. We look for opportunities to employ people who are serious about success, who have experience hardship and even crisis in their lives. We aren’t their destination, but we certainly want to be a key stop on their pathway to success. We also want to partner with non-profit organizations in our city that are addressing these issues, to encourage and empower them to continue bringing change.


Wired Coffee Bar5707 Main St. Ooltewah

Coffee, internet and outlets is what Wired Coffee is known for. A great place to meet up with business partners, groups, or school project teams, or to get out of the house and let someone else make your coffee!

East Brainerd

Oaks Coffee House: 2916 Silverdale Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421

Signal Mountain/Red Bank

Mayfly Coffee708 Mississippi Ave.

On top of beautiful Signal Mountain, Mayfly Coffee is a locally owned roasting company which provides many area coffee shops with fresh beans. Passion for their craft, the outdoor and fair-trade coffee has built a successful business that ships across the United States. If you decide to take a trip up to the Pumpkin Patch (unquestionably the best park in town), make sure you stop in here!

BeCaffeinated: 3601 Dayton Blvd, Red Bank, TN 37415 (and new Northshore location!)

Hixson/Soddy Daisy

Sourdough Cuppa Joe6707 Hixson Pike 

Plenty of in-house baked goods, decadent custard and great espresso, the only thing that gets better about this local place is that it has a drive-thru. “AMEN!” from the mamas!

Coffee Community Collective10161 Dayton Pike 

This new place in Soddy Daisy is an extension of the Northside Neighborhood House, and is a public meeting place for many agencies to meet with families and clients, as well as a coffee house for locals. A welcome addition to an area of town which doesn’t have many personal places to meet up with friends!

North Georgia

The Grind104 Crittenden Ave. Chickamauga

The downtown area of Chickamauga is a beautiful spot to visit and this coffee shop which offers freshly baked goods is a welcome addition!

Caffeine Addicts7819 Nashville St. Ringgold 

Stop in at the beautifully preserved old style Main Street of this small town and enjoy breakfast or lunch with your coffee in a cozy atmosphere.

Drive Thru Options Around the City

Let’s be honest, sometimes it is the speed, not the vibes, that we are looking for as moms! Here are a few of the local drive-thru options that aren’t chains!

BeCaffeinated3601 Dayton Blvd.

Higher Grounds Coffee Co.: 717 Signal Mountain Rd. 

Sunnyside Cup: 3008 S. Broad St. 

We hope you use this list to find new places in town where you can gather with friends and family, and enjoy an uplifting cup of coffee and perhaps a meal. Let us know if we are missing any hidden gems in the area!