Nesting in the Nursery – Part 2


Nesting in the Nursery Part 2

Welcome back fellow nesters! In Part 1 of this post, we talked about choosing your nursery theme, seeing what you could find that would match the theme, and clearing out the room where your little bambino will sleep. Now we’re on the home stretch! Time for those finishing touches.

Nesting in the Nursery - Futon
Once we got everything out of the room, we could see what we had and what we still needed.
  • Assess what you already have and see what you still need. Now that the room is all cleared out, you can get an idea of what you have and what you need. We had a few things left over from our first child’s room that we knew we wanted to use in this new nursery. Luckily, we had a crib, changing table, and we decided to keep the futon in the room as well. So we knew we had three large pieces of furniture to place and work around. Now, to get the rest of it!
  • Look around your house for items that can be repurposed. This is a big one. Before you start purchasing main elements of the nursery, look around your house and see what you have already. I bet you’ll be surprised! Our old printer table is espresso wood and worked perfectly as a side table next to the futon. Items that you might already have include: lamps, artwork, pillows, small tables, etc. You can also give new life to old things with a coat of paint, new fabric and a little imagination. If we already had some kind of a gliding chair or rocking chair, I could have recovered it in a fabric that matched the room.We found a bright green futon cover that gave new life to the tan futon that I’ve had since college. In our first child’s nursery, we took my father-in-law’s nightstands from the early 80s and spray painted each drawer a bright color. Voila! The perfect small dressers for our daughter’s room.
  • Buy what you still need. Chances are, even after you scour your house for goodies, you’ll need a few things. Arguably, the most important part of a nursery is the crib. If you already have one, like we did, stick it in there! If you haven’t purchased a crib yet and are first-time parents, I would recommend going with something neutral that will be easy to match. White is always a safe choice, though we went with espresso because all of our walls are white and that would have been overkill! I knew I wanted a glider (reasoning why in this post), so I ordered one from that had the cutest chevron pattern (just remember to go easy with chevron… it can quickly turn into a vomit-inducing pattern if overused) on it that would match the room perfectly. I also found the cutest little dresser and matching clothes hamper from Home Goods that were on clearance and had to come home with us. Once I put them in the room and arranged it how I wanted things, it was time for the fun, decorative touches. Pillows, fun items for a gallery wall, a fish decal and anchor hooks are just a few of the items I found around town and online that would complete the look of the room.
Nursery Decal
Got the hubby to help (no pregnant lady needs to be up on a ladder!) apply the school of fish decal on the main wall in the nursery.
  • Set it all up! Now for the really fun part. Set that room up! Have someone hold up the pictures on all the walls, move that little dresser around, test out some pillows, and have fun. Remember, even if you hang a picture and end up hating where it went, there is always nail filler! Just experiment and enjoy the process. You may find that the crib just doesn’t work on the wall you thought it would or that you need more lighting (lamps!). Now you know what to ask for from Aunt Clara who has been bugging you nonstop about what you need for the baby. This was definitely my favorite part of the process. The items we had from our other child’s room, the repurposed stuff from the rest of the house, and the new goodies I found all came together to create an adorable space for our new bundle. What could be better?


Found the rug on, the flags (his initials in nautical flags!) on and a family member made the crib quilt.
Found the rug on, the flags (his initials in nautical flags!) on and a family member made the crib quilt.
I told you the futon became more exciting with a little green! Our cat is thoroughly enjoying all the changes…
  • Sit in the nursery and marvel at your awesomeness. You might think this step isn’t needed, but I beg to differ. Get comfortable in the space you created. It’s important since you’ll be spending a lot of time in there! Our first child LOVES the new baby’s room. She’s played in it and so have our two cats. It’s great to get them (all of them!) used to the idea of change without the change actually happening. Plus, it’s just fun to sit amongst new things and imagine snuggling with your sweet baby. In fact, why not curl up on that futon and take a nap in there? You need all the sleep you can get right now…


I hope these ideas/suggestions will help you create a nursery you are proud of for your wee little offspring. Do you have any nursery decorating tips of your own that you’d like to share?