Lake Winnie: A Date with My Son



Summer is the perfect time to plan dates and make memories with your child as life has slowed down a little.

Over the years I have planned special dates with my children to make sure I have one on one time with each of them. My oldest is my athletic one and we like to encourage each other to take care of ourselves physically. Even when he was little he would ask to go to the loud place, otherwise known as the mall, almost every day. I would pack up the stroller for his baby brother and we would walk the mall for hours.

My second and third sons both enjoy going to the movies with me and we count down the days until an Avenger movie debuts. My youngest has become my amusement park sidekick and I, at the mere age of 45, have decided this is a good thing for this will keep me young. We spent a day together at Lake Winnie last year and he couldn’t wait to go back for some more serious fun. I decided to take my phone and take some pictures to share here on the blog. My plan was to tell you all about Lake Winnie.

Lake Winnie has a perfect variety of rides, games and places to eat. Pavilion tables are provided and coolers are permitted. We went over to Scooter’s Pizza and ordered personal pan pizzas for lunch. It was delicious!

“Dr Pepper Fridays” was a great deal for us. Buy one Unlimited Ride Package at regular price and get one half price. Go on a Monday and Mom receives complimentary admission (with rides) with two full price children. There are more specials on their website.

We always warm up with the Caterpillar. It’s a roller coaster for little boys who like to put their hands in the air.

-Put your hands up Mom!-

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Bumper cars, the Cannonball roller coaster and The Scrambler were his favorites this year. Untitled design (8)

WP_20160701_11_30_00_Pro We cooled off in the interactive water park after riding the Antique Cars.


We were walking past the lake and my child saw the catfish in the water. He was so excited and being a typical child was taking in everything around him. The rides, the water and the smells of funnel cake were in the air. He often glanced my way making sure I was sharing these moment with him.


And then he said something I will never forget and would have never thought he would be aware of. He said, “Everyone is on their phones.” I couldn’t believe my ears so I asked him what he said. “Everyone is on their phones.”

And then it hit me! As parents we have good intentions to give our children the attention they so much crave and need, and to be completely committed to making sure they know that we cherish these moments with them. Yet we have become a generation of “FACE IN THE PHONE.”

I began to wonder how many memories I have missed because my face was in my phone.

At this point I had taken so many pictures my phone was about to die and you know this was not such a bad thing. You see I have learned something. My children should not have to wait for me to check something on my phone to have my attention during our special dates. I have personally been turned off by friends who have told me to “wait a sec” so they can check their phones and this has made me realize how my own children may feel when I have said this to them. My minutes with my children are more precious to me than my updated status on Facebook or the message from a friend that can surely wait.

So unplug, go to Lake Winnie and make a memory that you will forever cherish with your child. Social media updates are moments with others that will soon be forgotten. Your child will never forget the time you spent with them on your dates.


Oh, and you should see Lake Winnie at night! We stayed and closed the place down at 10pm. Not too shabby for a 45 year old mom. I plan to do this with my grandchildren one day and I will be wearing my granny shoes again.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I have loved Lake Winnie since I was a kid and wanted to share though my post barely covered half of the attractions. We plan to go back very soon and spend most of the day at their SOAKya Water Park. Admission includes access to both parks.

Heather on the Caterpillar and Haley over at the Matterhorn made our day even more special.