Meet our Managing Editor


In March 2011 my life changed in the most dramatic and wonderful way possible: I became a mom to my vivacious, inquisitive, sweet, fun-loving, exuberant little man.  A week after my son’s birth, my husband received a job offer we could not refuse from the University of Tennessee.  And so, in July 2011, we said goodbye to the life we’d created in the coastal paradise of Santa Barbara, California, and began carving out a new bit of paradise for ourselves in Knoxville.  In March 2013, just over two years after the birth of our son, we welcomed our beautiful and equally amazing daughter.  Together with my loving and supportive husband, my children have taught me to slow down and enjoy the moments life gives us.  It is with them and thanks to them, that I feel truly happy and at peace.

In my previous life, I worked in international education, enjoyed long walks on the beach with our pup, blow dried my hair, stayed up past sunset, and did things that involved calm, quiet, and order.  My days are now filled with non-stop activity and the sweet laughter of my two favorite people.

When I’m not cherishing (nearly) all the moments I have with my children, you’ll find me in the gym Zumba-ing away, day-dreaming about becoming a castaway on Survivor, and free-lancing as a copy-editor for a medical publishing company.  I am very excited to be a part of Knoxville Moms and Chattanooga Moms and look forward to sharing a bit about how I focus on balancing life as a mom, wife, and individual.