UTC Campus Recreation – Mocs Adventure Camp

UTC Campus Recreation’s Mocs Adventure Camp is designed to immerse your camper in a broad range of physical activity, sports, and play. Campers will make new friends, climb, swim, play sports, enjoy the outdoors, and explore Chattanooga. Our summer camp features a weekly theme: Sports Week, Water Week, Outdoor Adventure Week, and Fitness Week to […]

IBD: Our Crohn’s Disease Journey


In November 2020, we finally got a diagnosis for our four-year-old after he spent over a month being poked and prodded. He had Crohn’s disease. Our son, Alaric, had soft stool and was a very, VERY, picky eater since he was about two. We assumed the soft stool was from his eating habits and his […]

Guilt-Free Spending: My Top 4 Splurges

A friend of mind messaged me one day and told me about her new business venture. She was opening up her own cleaning business and I asked if I would try her out. She was running an incredible special and she wanted to get some feedback from customers about her work. I initially hesitated. I […]

Just an Introvert Trying to Make Friends

I don’t know if it’s just me or if other moms go through these same feelings as well, but motherhood can be so lonely. Hi, I’m Christina and I’m an introvert trying to make friends… I grew up watching tv shows with unattainable friendships, and man oh man, how I wanted those kinds of relationships. […]

It’s Never Easy, but It Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard: Raising Emotionally Intelligent Teens


Do you remember being a teenager? Riding on bright white crests of joy and excitement one moment before being pulled into a dark, swirling vortex of inexplicable sorrow or anger and frustration the next, each feeling more intense than the last? Maybe you cried over perceived slights that left your parents scratching their heads or […]

A Hopeless Wanderluster: Scratching Your Travel Itch Locally

I would go on vacation several times a year if I could. I love everything about traveling: the journey to my destination, staying in hotels, trying new food, and of course the beach! I get REALLY antsy if it’s been a bit since I have been able to enjoy a different scenery or be somewhere […]

For the Love of the Game: Letting Your Kids Love Sports

I have been writing this post in my head over the last couple years as I have watched my young kids start to play sports. There is something so magical about those first experiences with sports — they are innocent and fun and just pure. I love watching my kids play, seeing them get nervous, […]

Chattanooga Festival Fun

It’s been a wild year, and slowly but surely events are sprouting up! Chattanooga is coming alive with festival activities for late spring and summer. Chattanooga is an event town. We love and embrace them all, no matter how weird they may be. With such beautiful spaces to spread out and put on a good […]

Diversity Is Important, Even in Elementary School

A few weeks ago, my 12-year-old daughter confessed to me in the car that she had been in the counselor’s office with a friend of hers because she hurt said friend’s feelings. My daughter has told her friend that she liked her braids, but then said they reminded her of a viral video. The friend’s feelings […]

Adult Friendships

Do you remember your very first friend? I’m not talking about your mom, sibling, or relative. I’m talking about the very first friend that chose you purely because they liked you. My first friend was Katie B. Divine intervention (and the public school system) placed us in the same Kindergarten class. There was no major […]

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Chattanooga Festival Fun

It's been a wild year, and slowly but surely events are sprouting up! Chattanooga is coming alive with festival activities for late spring and...
Best Burgers in Chattanooga

Best Burgers in Chattanooga