The Case of the One-Way Friendship


Have you ever been part of a one-way friendship? It’s exhausting, isn’t it? I’m not one of these girls that has a huge circle of friends, so I try to keep the ones I have close. When you’re the one putting all the effort into the friendship though, it can be both draining and upsetting. […]

The Only Child

The other day, my son proved particularly exasperating. I say that as if it was his fault…when in reality, this introverted mama was simply tired of hearing an endless stream of consciousness about stuffed animals, airplanes and Angry Birds. I am tired these days. I’m tired of this weird world situation. I’m mentally exhausted trying […]

My Daughter Just Said her First Goodbye


I think we all remember the first goodbye in our lives. Some, like my daughter, are lucky enough that their loss is a beloved pet and not a friend or family member. Whatever level of severity, I think that first true goodbye shapes us for the rest of our lives. Thus, I tried hard to […]

The Wonderful World of Breakfast Foods


Living overseas for most of my life I experienced a variety of breakfast foods. In Germany, they typically serve cereals/muesli, brotchen with meat and cheese, jams and herb cheese spreads, and a boiled egg. In France, you have coffee or juice with a croissant or pastry. In Russia, it’s Blini or rice porridge. In England, […]

The Dreaded Summer Slide

I know we just finished school a week ago, but the thought has crept into my head – the dreaded summer slide. Summer slide is the idea that much of the information kids learn during the school year will be lost over the summer without use. It’s a “fancy” educational term for the old adage […]

Pros and Cons of the New Norm: Working From Home


My husband is someone who, when an opportunity presents itself, thinks of the positive outcomes of the opportunity and not so much about the potential negative outcomes. Covid-19 gave him the opportunity he has always wanted: to work from home. He assumed he would be able to work normal hours and be able to concentrate […]

I Am Proud of You!

Hey lady! I am proud of you. In case you haven’t heard that today, it’s important that you know that someone is proud of you. Maybe you ran a mile this morning or perhaps you sat on your deck and had coffee. Either way, I’m proud that you looked at your personal needs and took […]

Make It Last Forever

One of my absolute favorite pastimes is walking down memory lane. In fact, just the other day, my husband, whom I met in college, and I were talking about the good ole days on campus and how we sometimes wish we could relive some of those good times. That is why I am so grateful […]

It’s Okay to Hire Help

For years — ever since I became a mom more than 13 years ago — I’ve believed I should be able to do the following:  Keep the house clean Cook three meals and one snack per day Do the grocery shopping Homeschool Get dressed and look decent every day Exercise Eat well Have friends Make […]

Treasure Chest “Un-Reward” System for Kids

I might not be a Mom that bribes her kids often, but I do love to surprise my three kiddos every once in a while! Never have I ever been more thankful for our Treasure Chest, a drawer in my bathroom where I stuff random clearance items for rainy days. Seems like we have had […]

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