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As crazy as it is to think about, the holiday season is almost upon us. If you’re anything like me, your calendar fills up at lightning speed during these last couple of months of the year. Thanks to mom brain, I can’t trust myself to remember all of my obligations, plus those of my family. […]

Don’t Forget About These Fun and Free Activities!

Pre-COVID era, I absolutely loved taking my boys to any fun and free events around town, particularly the Lowe’s DIY Kids Workshop and JCPenney Kids Zone. Then the pandemic started and no more fun events. But with businesses opened regularly now, I thought to myself the other day, “What happened to these events?” and I […]

Dear Husband, I Am Thankful for You

Dear Husband, I am thankful for you. We have been at this marriage thing for quite a while now — from adventurous trips and extravagant dates, to buying our first home and filling it with babies, and now watching our family grow — and I can tell you that I am more in love with […]

5 Ways to Help Your Relationships During a World Crisis

We are now almost eight months deep into a pandemic that has strained the already thin fabric of our nation even farther. The effects of quarantines, economic uncertainty, and the constant worry over whether we or the people around us may have COVID-19 have changed the way we see and interact with the people in […]

Be Sweet to Your Animal Friends This Halloween


As Halloween is quickly approaching, no matter what everyone’s plans are, most of us are thinking about all the candy! From M&M’s and Laffy Taffy to Butterfingers and Sour Patch Kids…I can almost taste the sugar rush! During Halloween and other candy-filled seasons however, it’s important for my family and me to remember to be sweet to […]

Exposed: Mom Confessions


As we enter this holiday season, I’ve decided to rid myself of toxicity. I’m taking time to cleanse, heal, and refresh. But before I can head into this new season, I have some confessions to make about things I’ve been doing since I became a mom. Some…secrets. While preparing to make these confessions, I had […]

My Single vs Twin Pregnancies


Yes, our second pregnancy was planned; it was not an oops quarantine baby, but we did not expect the twin part. Now that I’m almost to the end of my second and final pregnancy, I look back and can see all the similarities and differences between carrying one vs two babies. There are times where […]

A Crafty Afternoon at Pinspiration


More than ever, after being forced to enjoy months of family time at home, we have been wanting to get out of the house and do something. My youngest has gotten into the habit of pointing out any playground that we drive by and saying, “That’s probably not open…” We are so ready to get […]

Thank You For Being a Friend


My all-time favorite sitcom is the Golden Girls. You had to basically live your entire life under a rock to have not at least heard of this television show. It is about the day-to-day lives of four senior aged women living in Miami in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Do not be fooled though; […]

3 Valuable Life Lessons from The LEGO Movie

As of when I’m writing this, I have seen The LEGO Movie approximately 837 times. That’s not my five-year-old’s fault, either. My husband and I have been superfans of this movie since we saw it in theaters in 2014. What’s not to like? Stunning animation, sharp and witty writing, great casting, and just the right […]

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Chattanooga Fall Round-Up

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Family Trip to Lake Barkley