Chattanooga Moms Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Chattanooga families may not be able to attend some of our favorite Easter egg hunts this year, but with a little help from our local communities, we can go on an Easter egg hunt while still practicing social distancing. Similar to the ‘bear hunts’ and ‘chalk walks’ we’ve seen popping up in neighborhoods all over […]

I Want My Old Job Back

After two and a half weeks of social distancing, I’m learning a lot about myself. It seems like overnight everything changed. I became a homeschooling mom and DIY mom. My Stay-At-Home-Mom status was upgraded to Can’t Leave Your Home Mom, and while I understand that I’m not expected to be perfect in my new role, […]

There Is No Work-Life Balance Right Now

A few days ago, I was talking to my younger brother on the phone. He’s the only person I have long phone conversations with. We usually chat about the everyday stuff of life — cool finds at the grocery store, the latest Netflix show craze (he’s always a step or two ahead of me), and […]

What Your Community Needs {Helping During the Pandemic}

By now you have probably read many COVID-19 articles. The number of topics stemmed from this virus is overwhelming — from the way the virus spreads, to how many are affected and dying, and even the economic repercussions our country is facing. It is a time when anxiety is high and control seems to be […]

Summer Fun at St. Nicholas Summer Camp

Ready! Set! Let’s go! Summer at St. Nicholas Camp is an incredibly fun time for kids ages 4-12, with a leadership program for ages 13-15. St. Nicholas Summer Camp challenges and nurtures imagination, encourages self-directed initiative, and develops leadership skills in children. Involvement in age-appropriate group activities and diverse athletic and educational experiences are the […]

Flashbacks of a Poor Childhood: Hindsight is 2020

If you’ve been anywhere on the planet these past few weeks, you’ll know that grocery shopping has now become a spin-off of the Hunger Games, perhaps in more ways than one. Also, if you’re reading this and haven’t even heard of the Hunger Games, then I have no words. If you found bread, flour, or […]

I Am So Thankful for My Village: Chattanooga


I hate to say it, but the first few years of motherhood for me were tough, to the point of being downright horrible. It had nothing to do with my wonderful, beautiful daughter — other than her inability to sleep a night through — and had everything to do with how alone I was. We’ve […]

Hey Kid, How Are You?


Hey Kid, How are you? The past few weeks have been wild. We have entered into a whole new level of crazy and I have been so worried about you. I felt myself settling into a funk. I was worried…about you and your brother; about our family; about our school; about postponing your birthday party. […]

So Your Teenager Wants a Car: Some Things to Keep in Mind


There’s nothing quite as simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking as having a new teen driver in the family. The only thing I can think of to compare it to is that period when your baby becomes a toddler and you want to follow them around as they practice walking to ensure they don’t fall and crack […]

Simple Everyday Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Swaps

Being an eco-friendly and sustainable household has been growing in popularity daily, but the current crisis may force some of us in that direction more quickly than we would like. I have compiled a list of simple items to switch out as you move towards being a more sustainable and eco-friendlier household. Some changes may […]

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Chattanooga Moms Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Chattanooga families may not be able to attend some of our favorite Easter egg hunts this year, but with a little help from our...
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