Family Trip to Lake Barkley

My family and I went on a last-minute trip last week to Lake Barkley. I am hopefully starting a new job in the next few weeks, so we decided to take a family vacation before life gets too crazy. Originally, we wanted a beach trip, but after just traveling to see family 12 hours away […]

Value of Friendships


Believe it or not, through the mess that 2020 has been so far, I have learned something valuable: to focus on relationships. Typically, I am quite the multitasking woman. I thrive in an environment that is fast-paced and busy. It is how I am most productive and gives me my most successful results. I ride […]

Wistful Thinking: Nostalgia BC2020

Years ago, I had an elaborate trip planned for the summer. This was (and still is) not unusual for me. I’ve spent many summers overseas and it’s always a little odd for me to spend an entire summer in America. The difference with this trip was that I needed to cancel everything at the last […]

Chocolate Milk

August is here, so you know what that means! It is National Breastfeeding Month. Woo-hoo! While the entire month garners education, support, and positivity regarding this most natural thing, the last week, August 25th– 31st, is designated Black Breastfeeding Week, and if you cannot tell, I am excited about it! When I began my 18-month […]

Growing a Garden


Gardening runs in my family and I pray that it runs in my veins too. I dream of having a yard with blueberry bushes, blackberries, strawberries, some fruit trees, and large vegetable garden someday. After having my own garden in Rhode Island for about a year, I moved down here and had to start all […]

How to Start a Book Club


Have you ever had the desire to organize a book club, but you had no idea where to start? I’m here to tell you that it’s easier than you think! I started a book club for my fellow school teachers when quarantine started last spring, and it’s been one of the best things I’ve done […]

Immune Health for School


Disclaimer: this post is not suggesting that all kids should return to school or begin socializing with other children. Many families have decided to keep their kids out of school for the time being and that’s fine! Every family must make a decision that suits their personal, financial and health goals. However, many schools are […]

Wisdom from the Wizarding World

I grew up in the age of Harry Potter, but oddly enough, I didn’t become a diehard fan until I reached my thirties. Once I picked up the first book, I couldn’t put them down. It truly is a beautiful world that J.K. Rowling created, and since reading them myself, I’ve introduced them to my […]

My Love of True Crime Has Made Me a Better Mom


I am a lover of murder, mystery and especially unsolved cases. My Netflix suggestions are about as dark as it gets and I often listen to podcasts such as Crime Junkies and Small Town Murder in my spare time. I was an avid reader of mystery novels before I had children and hope to pick […]

You Don’t Have to be Good to Have a Good Time

I was talking with a friend the other day about how back in the olden days (aka high school) I was in concert choir and color guard. I may not get any cool points for admitting that, but I really enjoyed both. I lamented the fact that there’s not really an opportunity to participate in […]

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Family Trip to Lake Barkley

My family and I went on a last-minute trip last week to Lake Barkley. I am hopefully starting a new job in the next...