Why My Opinion on C-Sections Changed


C-sections seem to be on the rise these days. I know more women than not who’ve given birth via c-section. I had my first c-section in November of 2010. My son wasn’t due for six more weeks, but due to the sudden onset of preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome, a team of doctors decided to deliver […]

Plant Privilege

My son Andy turned six on the day Georgia put the Shelter-in-Place orders into effect. We had a drive-by birthday parade that ended before curfew and guests dropped off gifts at a table by the road. One little friend had painted a little terra cotta pot and a different friend included wildflower and sunflower seed […]

Picky Eaters Turned Food Gurus


While chowing down on a cheeseburger and trying to spoon feed my first born son jarred peas, I had a lightbulb moment! Maybe I should mirror eating good food for him to also enjoy the same? That boy and I fumbled through the baby and toddler years with so many diet modifications to figure out […]

Delightfully Different Chicken Salad {Recipe}


I am someone who is usually filled with words, but with everything going on, I am running out of words. Anything I can think to say seems insignificant right now. So, my post for this month is going to be sharing one of my mom’s (and mine, too!) favorite recipes. It is a recipe that […]

Sam’s Club vs. Costco

Now that summer is in full swing (even though it feels like it’s been in full swing since March), do you find yourself shopping for ALL THE THINGS all the time? My children go through approximately 500 snacks between breakfast and lunch. I learned a long time ago that the best way to save my […]

Voting 101: How to Register and When and Where to Vote in Chattanooga

Voting is an important American right that every eligible voter should have the opportunity to participate in. I’m a little embarrassed to say that at 36-years-old, I have yet to vote. Simply put, I haven’t felt like my vote mattered. As time has gone on however, I feel like I cannot take the chance that […]

Bye-Bye Summer Boredom {Easy Tricks & 50+ Fun Ideas}

Although kids have been home already due to school being closed, SUMMER is officially HERE! I’m sure by now you have heard the dreaded phrase “I’m borreeeed” a million times or “Can we get out of this house PLEASE?” (thanks, Covid-19!) As parents, we know how quickly expenses can add up, when we take our […]

280 Characters Isn’t Enough

Earlier this week, I deleted Twitter from my phone. It’s not like I’ve been a big Twitter-er in the 11 years since I first signed up. I amassed a grand total of 15 followers and only followed 71 accounts myself. Twitter makes sense as a concept, and I like the concept. But a few months […]

“It Don’t Matter if You’re Black or White”

Today is way back Wednesday and, my oh my, how that phrase truly resonates these days. Senseless killings, police brutality, protests, riots, looting, division, and full out chaos are all around us. At times I cannot tell if this is my actual reality, or a scene from one of the stories I would often hear […]

Raising Kids to Fight Racism

  I stand at a loss of words to express the pain and anger and frustration I feel over what is happening in our country right now. In the span of two weeks, we saw video of Ahmaud Arbery, a black man out for a jog, being hunted down and murdered by men who thought […]

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