What to Include in a Postpartum Gift Basket


Back in early spring, I saw some jokes about babies being made in 2020 thanks to all the sheltering going on. Lots of people took that as advice, apparently, because I now know eight couples who will be welcoming bundles of joy by the end of this year or early next. Eight! New life is […]

Redshirting: A Change of Plans for the School Year

Like everyone else on New Year’s Eve, I was excited to usher in 2020. This was going to be my year. The year I finally caught up and kept the house clean. The year that I got to work out in the gym at normal people hours instead of 4am, before anyone was awake. The […]

I’m So Glad I Didn’t Know

The day I found out our kids were going to be out of school for two weeks in March, I had probably the worst anxiety episode of my life. I remember rushing to two grocery stores and stocking up. Sitting at my mother’s house and my heart racing, simply unable to grasp what was happening […]

Teaching Preschool at Home

Last spring, I had planned to enroll my daughter into preschool for the following school year, but then COVID-19 showed up and put a big “errrk” in our plans. Like many parents, I had concerns and decided not to enroll her into preschool. So, instead we have decided to teach preschool at home.  What Program […]

A Tribute to Teachers

I went to college to be a teacher. I was heavily influenced by teachers throughout my childhood, and it seemed logical to follow in those footsteps. Through a variety of twists and turns, my calling in life has shifted from the classroom to higher education, but my respect and admiration for teachers has remained steadfast, […]

Princesses Get Wed


I want to talk about a situation I had with my six-year-old daughter the other today. After picking her up from camp, she was standing in our driveway in her new StitchFix jumper and tennis shoes. Her messy hair was still damp from the sprinkler and she was doing her usually dramatic posing as she […]

Top 8 Reasons to Visit the Mountain Adventures at Anakeesta

With fall around the corner, it’s time to take a last minute trip to the mountains to explore! What better place to visit than Anakeesta Theme Park and some of its new adventures! Gatlinburg is a short drive from Chattanooga, and one of their newer attractions is the Anakeesta Theme Park. Here are 8 reasons […]

Be Kind in These Uncharted Waters


As we wander as weary travelers into this next phase of our Coronavirus lives as parents, I can’t help but feel upended. On some days, I am a fly by the seat of my pants mom. I love adventures, veering off course on a road trip to try a new restaurant or having a fun […]

The Kids Are Alright


As we embark on a new school year that is unlike any we’re ever attempted before, I want to assure you that your kids are alright. Whether you are homeschooling, virtual learning, sending your kids to in-person classes, or any combination of those and other options, you’re doing your best. That is enough.  We are […]

Life With Gestational Diabetes {Part One}


I’ve been basking lately in the fact that this pregnancy was going much smoother than my last. With my four-year-old daughter’s time in the tummy, I was Kate-Middleton-levels sick without the fancy private hospital. For this pregnancy, I’ve been nauseated, but it’s hardly been a comparison. I’ve even managed to lose weight, with doctor approval […]

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Chattanooga Fall Round-Up

Although it is still hot, the bees and mosquitoes are still buzzing and we’re more likely to throw on a swimsuit than a sweatshirt,...
Family Trip to Lake Barkley

Family Trip to Lake Barkley