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When The Baby Ship Has Sailed

When The Baby Ship Has Sailed

Every now and then, my husband and I would discuss maybe having another baby. We have been blessed with three healthy boys in our family. I never really wanted to try to have a girl...
20th Year Class Reunion

Generations United: Reflections On My 20th High School Reunion

Two weeks back, I participated in my 20th high school reunion, an event that felt both distant and surreal as I traveled back to 2004 for a weekend of excitement. Reconnecting with old friends,...
Potty Training: May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Potty Training: May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Potty training...the stage that everyone dreads! I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say that they love the potty training stage. If you are someone who does, I would love to know why. I’ve...
30+ Best Mexican Restaurants in Chattanooga

30+ Best Mexican Restaurants In Chattanooga

Dear Readers, Few things fill my heart with joy more than a good Mexican restaurant. To be fair, my heart also skips a beat for decent and okay Mexican food. I am drawn to free...
Brighter Days Ahead

Brighter Days Ahead

I anxiously awaited summer this year. The hectic school season was becoming overwhelming and I looked forward to a more relaxed season of life where we could lounge by the pool, have some fun...

Delaying The Smartphone: Why Waiting Might Be Best For Your Teen

Is parenting in this age of tech near impossible or is it just me? There are so many decisions to make from the time your babies exit the womb: Should I even let them see...
Soaky mountain slides cover photo

Make a Summer Trip to Soaky Mountain Waterpark

Summer is only so long and I want to soak up all the sunshine and fun with my children as I can. We’re lucky to live in East Tennessee because we don’t have to...
Keeping An Eye On Chattanooga Happenings

Keeping An Eye On Chattanooga Happenings

My husband can't help but make fun of me whenever I search in Google "What to do in...such and" while we are traveling. When setting my goals for this summer, my biggest thought was...

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Guide To Chattanooga Area Universities

Guide To Chattanooga Area Universities

Chattanooga is a fantastic location for some great universities. Whether you want to keep your college-bound child nearby or are considering returning to school...
Activities To Keep Toddlers Busy

Activities To Keep Toddlers Busy

Being home with toddlers is a constant tug of war battle between wanting to play with them and needing them to play on their...