Meet our Founder


Over eight years ago, I started Knoxville Moms to connect moms throughout the city of Knoxville. Once I saw the great impact and connections that were being made I wanted to expand and create the same community in the city of Chattanooga.

Seventeen years ago, I moved to Knoxville after graduating college and fell in love with the city that has now truly become my home. Shortly after moving here, I married my college sweetheart and when not working we set out to travel as much as we could. After working as a financial manager for six years, I welcomed my first son Nolan in 2010 and began a journey as a stay-at-home mom. Two years later we added another baby boy, Conley, to make us a family of four. In 2013, I launched the Knoxville Moms and started working from home while trying to find a balance of raising my family. In June 2016, we added our third boy Foster to our crazy crew as well as launching the Chattanooga Moms just a few months before his arrival. 2017 proved to be an even bigger year of change as we added pink to our household and welcomed our first daughter, Lilah to make us a family of six. In June 2021, I recently took over as Co-Owner of the Atlanta Mom parenting website.

When I’m not chasing the kids and stepping on Legos, you can find me enjoying a cup of coffee, reading a good book, and dreaming about my toes in the sand. I enjoy meeting new people and enjoy to connecting the moms of Knoxville, Chattanooga, and now Atlanta. Hope to see you at our next event!

To contact Natalie, email her at natalie {at} chattanoogamoms {dot} com