Tinamari Bekkali


When Mommy Just Can’t Even

This weekend, the laundry is staying unwashed. The dishes aren't getting unloaded. Books will remain unread at nighttime, and the kids may get snapped at if they open my bedroom door one more time. This...

How to Rock your Twins’ Birthday

I wanted twins my whole life. When I was little girl playing house, I always pretended to be a mommy of twins. Apparently I had some eerie sixth sense because years later, here I...

How I Hit the Jackpot in Vegas

It happened. I went to Las Vegas, and I hit the Jackpot! I didn't win money, or cars, or free hotel stays. Instead, I won the rest of my life. They say the best things...

When You Give TOO Much

It's the week after Thanksgiving and you've recovered enough from your turkey and stuffing-induced coma that you decide it's time to put up the Christmas tree. Excited for that day of making family memories while...

How to (Fake) Clean Your Home in Two Days

It’s Saturday morning and you’re lying in bed, cherishing your deep slumber and the silence that is around you--just kidding. It’s 6am on a Saturday and your 5-year-old twins have decided it’s time for...

Pumpkin Patch Roundup

TheRealPSL is back on Instagram which can only mean one thing: it’s fall, y’all! Pumpkin spice cheerios, falling leaves, Kerry Washington’s new OPI color palette, cool breezes blowing through the air -- okay -- it...