Cooking Fun at Sweet & Savory Summer Camps


Your kids will love the amazing experience of cooking camp at The Sweet and Savory Classroom! Each week of camp has a different theme! Allowing for a wide variety of interests, some camps are completely “Sweet” and other camps are completely “Savory.”

The themes for our Savory camps this year are: Cooking Road Trip, European Food Tour, Trip to Asia Cooking Experience, and Love to Cook Camp. As far as our Sweet camps we have: Love to Bake Camp, British Baking and European Desserts. We have a wide variety of camps so you can choose which one you think your child would enjoy the most. Or maybe two!

Chef Jeff, Chef Heather, and Chef Joe, along with their amazing staff, will spend four days teaching your children the way around a kitchen completely “hands-on!” The chefs will be working with the children as a class and also one-on-one. The chefs have so much fun with the kids and get creative in our teaching styles. Classes run from 9am-1pm. We provide everything that is needed each day which also includes lunch!

Food creates such an open environment to teach our students. The students will be challenged, build confidence, learn food safety, proper kitchen sanitation, have a great time, and eat really good food! They will learn how to follow a recipe, mise en place, portion and measure ingredients, cooking techniques, and food presentation.

Our mission is to bring the art of food close to home allowing all who join us at The Sweet and Savory Classroom to learn how to perfectly execute their culinary passions in the palm of their own hands.

You will experience something a “little different” than just about anywhere else. You will be pleasantly surprised at how inviting the kitchen is, making it feel a little like home but begging for fun. Every class is expertly designed for maximum participation. We make your kiddos work hard, learn, and reward themselves with amazing food created with their own two hands.

We are committed to creating an environment that is the perfect place for your kiddos to have for fun, learn something new, and experience the time of their lives.


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