What in the Daisies Would I Name My Next Child?


What in the Daisies Would I Name My Next Child? Alright, so as I usually start, we will begin with a disclaimer. At the moment, there are no plans for a sweet Heid #3 and there are really no name choices in this world that I care to judge and/or dislike (or be judged for), but I’ve had some funny thoughts…

Naming. What is in a name?

For my two daughters, names involved a whole-lotta family love. My daughter LillieMarie got her first name from my great grandmother and grandmother. Her middle name, Walden, from a very long line of Waldens. As for Heid, that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Heid came along with my handsome hubby. Now, when it came time to name my second sweetling, who is now four-months-old and far too young to curse me for the choice, we went with SydneyRose.

There’s a theme there, do you see it? I thought you might.

That was coincidental, actually. We chose Sydney after my mother’s brother who died in his youth. However, we decided to add Rose when my husband’s grandmother (Rose) died during the 2020 shutdown, thus establishing a theme. SydneyRose’s middle name, Zane, comes directly from my grandmother, and then…well, you guessed it…she is a Heid as well.

So far, so good! I love the names I chose and don’t think I could have picked any better…but what if we have another baby? Worse yet, what if that baby were to be a girl? (I say worse, but I’d actually be pretty darn ok with all of the above. I don’t think we plan to have another one, but one can never be sure unless there are knives involved.) You can see the trap I’ve made for myself, surely. I’m not nearly as clever as Mrs. Bridgerton, who used an alphabet scheme.

We have plenty of beautiful family names to choose from even so, but I’m running short on floral-themed ones…We don’t have any Petunias or Chrysanthemums that I’m aware of. If a third little bundle of cute curls and opinions were to come along, would a non-floral name stick out like a sore thumb?

This might sound like a particularly daft subject, but I think it might behoove all mothers-to-be out there to think ahead a bit. Make a plan. Decide with the first bundle of cuteness if you want a theme. If so, be ready to follow it through to the very last full diaper.

While you do, I’ll be here, trying to get ready…you know, just in case.

This is my hope,

This is my prayer,

Please dear God help me think of names better than AmaryllisJane.