Brenda Steffen

Brenda Steffen
I spent my twenties and a good chunk of my thirties living and working in various countries. I met and married a South African sailor and I was quite content to keep traveling without kids. We landed in Chattanooga in 2013 and our son arrived over the summer of 2014. We haven’t really slept since. Sometimes jet-lag gets the blame. Or Daylight Savings, or even a good book. Usually though, it’s the Peanut. You can often find me charged up on caffeine, chasing after my son at Coolidge Park, the zoo or the library. You can also find me online on my blog.

Why I’m Not Teaching My Child to Share

I’ve always thought I was the generous sort. I lent out clothes in college, a cell phone in my 20s and I suffered through summer camps where we were required to share whatever bounty...

When Your Little One is the Big One

If you’ve ever met me, I may seem taller than 5’4”. My college roommate stood next to me in front of a mirror once and said she didn’t realize how much shorter I was...
Season’s Greetings: Long Live Snail Mail

Season’s Greetings: Long Live Snail Mail

As a kid, I often raced down our rocky driveway to check the mailbox. I had pen pals from around the world who traded snail mail with me and I always got a thrill...
Buying for Baby Without Breaking the Budget How to Do This Mom Thing Cheaply

Buying for Baby Without Breaking the Budget: How to Do This Mom Thing Cheaply

Over a decade ago, I met a young woman in Ukraine literally due at any minute with her first baby. Her parents and husband bubbled over with enthusiasm for the forthcoming child. She asked...

Stories of Love: The Love Boat

Some called it the Love Boat. To the people we served, it was known as the big white ship. I simply called it home. Officially though, her name was Anastasis, a Mercy Ship offering free medical surgeries...

10 Things I Wish I Had Known About C-Sections Before Having One

When friends heard I needed to schedule a cesarean section, I didn't get a lot of advice -- just a few unsolicited comments: "At least you can do your hair and makeup beforehand and still...

Eating My Words, One Goldfish at a Time

  I made it nearly four decades in this world, without children. Having a baby later in life simply meant I had more time to observe (and judge) everyone else. Even though I didn't really...