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5 Healthy Meal Planning Tips for Busy Parents

5 Healthy Meal Planning Tips For Busy Parents

You know your family would be better off, health-wise, if you could sit down to eat a balanced meal more nights than not. But getting that meal on the table can be a challenge!...
When Bedwetting Is a Problem

When Bedwetting Is A Problem

If you have kids, you’ve probably dealt with bedwetting at least a time or two over the years. It’s extremely common for young kids in particular to wet the bed at least occasionally. So,...
Urgent Care for Children Chattanooga

Lessons From A Pediatrician, Who Is Also A Mom

Being a parent and a pediatrician is a double-edged sword. I’m a mom first and I worry like everyone else about my children’s health, but perhaps even more since I’m also a pediatrician who...
5 Fun Fall Activities to Get Your Family Out and Active

5 Fun Fall Activities To Get Your Family Out And Active

In some places, the arrival of fall brings cold — and fewer opportunities to head outdoors. Not so in the South, though! There are plenty of fall activities to get you and the family...
What to Do If You Think Your Child Is Stuttering

What To Do If You Think Your Child Is Stuttering

Your son seems to be tripping over his words and having a difficult time getting some sounds out. How can you know whether he’s stuttering — and what to do if he is? Stuttering is...
Healthy (and Fun) Lunchbox Ideas

Healthy (And Fun) Lunchbox Ideas

You want your kids to learn as much as possible during each school day. How can you help them do that? Make sure they eat a healthy lunch! This post is brought to you by...
How Much Do You Know About Safe Sleep & SIDS?

How Much Do You Know About Safe Sleep & SIDS?

Each year, around 3,500 babies die of a sleep-related cause. While the number is staggering, safe sleep practices can help keep your baby safe and limit the risk. There are a couple different terms used...
Erlanger Hand Santizer Does It Really Work

Hand Sanitizer: Does It Really Work?

You see it everywhere – at schools, doctors’ offices, public attractions, even grocery stores. But have you ever wondered how effective hand sanitizer really is? On June 29, 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration...
5 Tips for Summer Safety

5 Tips For Summer Safety

It's summer! While your kids are focused on summer fun, you want to be sure they’re also paying attention to summer safety. After all, you want to spend your days in the summer warmth,...
The Self-Care Guide for Kids & Teens

The Self-Care Guide For Kids & Teens

When it comes to kids and teens, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their mental health should not be overlooked. Decreased social interaction with their peers and extended family, disruption in school or...