What’s New At Dollywood In 2023


We recently had the opportunity to visit Dollywood to see what’s new to the park in 2023. Let’s just say, we hope you already have your trips planned! You won’t want to miss the big things coming to Dollywood this year.

DollywoodThe best way to visit Dollywood is with a season pass. The numbers are there – if you plan to visit twice a year, a season pass saves you money! The most affordable pass option for families is the Silver Season pass. A Silver Pass gives you access to all of the Dollywood festivals, including everyone’s favorite Smoky Mountain Christmas, a $5 discount on daily tickets, and two Bring-a-Friend free tickets to use during the 2023 season. The adult Silver pass and Bring-a-Friend tickets do have a few blackout dates during peak seasons, but the Child pass does not have any blackout dates.

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This makes the Silver pass by far the most economical option for families who want to visit Dollywood. And don’t forget, if you have a child in Pre-K they automatically qualify for a FREE 2023 season pass, so be sure to register for one!

Something BIG coming to Dollywood in 2023 is Big Bear Mountain, the new family coaster. If you visited the park last season, you probably saw all the construction happening in Wildwood Grove. We’re excited to say we got to check out the new rollercoaster and it’s 75% complete and almost ready to launch!

Big Bear MountainThis family thrill coaster is the perfect way for your little thrill seekers to get their dose of adrenaline and it’s also a great way to introduce your children to the excitement of rollercoasters. Here are a few facts about the new ride:

  • It’s the longest coaster at Dollywood, wrapping entirely around Wildwood Grove
  • It stays under 50 MPH
  • The ride will last a minute and 40 seconds
  • The ride height requirement is 39 inches
  • Riders will sit upright in a jeep-like vehicle and be secured at the waist
  • 66 feet is the highest track elevation

In classic Dollywood fashion, there is a folktale and old lore to explore as you get ready to ride Big Bear Mountain. This new coaster adds to the stories of Wildwood Grove and takes your family on a brand-new adventure.

Are you ready to visit Dollywood to see what’s new in 2023?

We hope to see you there!


  1. I’ve never been to Dollywood but would absolutely love to have the experience & just realized Dollywood is only a few hours away~!!!

  2. I would love to go to Dollywood again. I was young when I went and would love to experience it again.

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