Christy Duncan

10,000 Miles

Ten. Thousand. Miles. Two kids. One set of in-laws. And an RV. And this is not including our flight home. However, this is how I spent six weeks in the summer of 2015. Craziness...

Life with Eight

Meet Stephanie Blackiston. Stephanie is from Northeast Tennessee but currently lives near Chattanooga with her husband of 16 years, Tim, and their eight children, whom she homeschools.  She loves being a wife and a...
How I Became a Mom {series} | Chattanooga Moms Blog

How I Became a Mom: Christy’s Story {Series}

Parenting is NOT easy. I always knew that. I was one of those kids who, especially as a teen, liked to push every metaphorical button my dad had. I was not terrible and didn't...

Why My Kids Vacation Alone

When I got married 12 years ago, not only did I get an awesome man, but I also got a couple sets of awesome in-laws. Yes, two sets: I have two fathers-in-law AND two...
Chattanooga Fall Festivals

Chattanooga Area School Fall Festivals

The first week of fall has arrived. For many of us, that means bonfires, scarves, s'mores, and lots of festivals. There is a plethora of fall festivals not only in our great city of...
Kitchen Hacks

Kitchen Hacks

Cooking and baking -- two things that moms do A LOT! Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or snacks, moms are always in the kitchen working on meals for our children and families....
Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays: Vegetable Spaghetti {Series}

“Is there not any meat in here?” or “You could have added some chicken.” Those are just a couple of the statements made to me when I attempt to make a meal WITHOUT meat. ...

When the Past Assumes the Present

Do you ever run in to someone from your past? Connect with them on some social media platform? If and when you do, what is your first thought about them? Is it good, bad,...

The North Pole

The North Pole. Growing up, we all heard different stories about this place. We have watched movies and read books describing what the North Pole is like. Many people believe it is near the...
Chattanooga Christmas Tree Farm Roundup

Christmas Tree Farms Roundup

Well, it is almost that time! Time for trees and trimmings of reds and greens. Time for mistletoe and ribbons of gold! It is almost Christmas time! When it comes to Christmas, we all decorate...
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