Hi, I am Elizabeth! I am married to a Chattanooga fire fighter, and mother to small boys who test my sanity and patience on an hourly basis. To keep my head above the waters of parenting, I get lost in books and try to articulate my thoughts into words with meaning. Our daily activities include playing outside, wrestling, sword fighting and trying to time everything to produce the most sleep at night. Follow me on twitter @BossMom_247 for insights on living with boys, possibly a few rants and definitely an overabundance of life updates.

My Frugal Skin Care Routine, That Works!

I never thought I would become a person who had a skin care routine. My teenage and college years were spent trying out the highest percentage of benzoyl peroxide topical treatments I could find....

Family Dinner at O’Charley’s

Anyone with a family of kids can sympathize: eating out with children can cause regret in the first five minutes. So often it is hard to find a restaurant that everyone can enjoy, that...
Chattanooga Coffee Shops

Chattanooga Coffee Shops

I first began going to coffee houses in college, since my hometown coffee house options consisted of a McDonald's or happy hour at Sonic after school. I discovered the delight of spending the same...
The Baby I Didn’t Want

The Baby I Didn’t Want

My hands had just started to feel empty.  Four children who could feed themselves, wash their own hands, put on shoes and walk across a parking lot with minimal assistance. People still made the comment...
Valentine's Date Night Ideas in Chattanooga

Valentine’s Date Night Ideas in Chattanooga

Yay, it's that time of year again--that time when we all feel compelled to make a date night happen, even if we haven't gone out in months. I do like the Valentine's season; it's short, way...

A Night at the North Pole {Recap}

Did you miss our 3rd Annual Christmas Family Event? It was our biggest year yet with more sponsors, activities, snacks and crafts! We were blown away by how much fun was to be had...

Give Your Kids the Gift of Stress Free Holidays

I generally thrive on routine and schedule, but this time of year, I really love the spontaneity, indulgence and carefree spirit of the season. I don’t have specific memories of traditions my parents did...

Winter Activities That Keep Kids Healthy

Today is our first rainy, cold, we-are-sooooooo-bored day of Fall 2019. After a summer and pseudo-fall where the boys ran free and wild every second we weren’t sleeping, eating or schooling, this is a...

Football Matters Because Gathering Matters

My husband and I began our life together in a tiny apartment close to downtown Chattanooga. So tiny, that most of our wedding presents stayed unopened until we were able to purchase a house...

Get Crafty at AR Workshop Cleveland {Review}

I have attempted my fair share of Pinterest adaptations of woodwork, hand lettered signs and sewing projects. Occasionally, something turns out somewhat the way I had hoped, but usually I am missing a key...