Elizabeth Manley

Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I am a homeschooling, stay at home mom of four precious kiddos. They are 10, 7, 6 and 3 years old. My husband and I are college sweethearts and have been married for sixteen years. After the death of our first child, we entered full time ministry with a passion for walking with individuals and families through grief and suffering. Our family moved to Chattanooga almost three years ago and we have fallen in love with the rolling mountains and rivers. I love connecting with other mamas who have lost children in pregnancy and offering them a hand to hold.
Gentle Parenting: A New Rhythm of Self-Care

Gentle Parenting: A New Rhythm of Self-Care

“Moooommmmyyyyy! Mommy!!!” her little voice grew louder and more impatient as she yelled from her crib, protesting naptime. My heartbeat thumped faster, and I knew her naptime protest would limit the only bit of...

The Magic Reset Button

“Everyone hit the reset button!,” I yelled over the chaos that we sometimes call lunch. Their voices had joined together to become an unhappy chorus of “She’s sitting too close to me!,” “He’s breathing...