Jama Oliver

I am a homeschool mama of four boys and wife to a software developer. We are originally from Northeast Tennessee, but now call Chattanooga "home." I'm a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, gluten free, dairy free, sober, and way more fun than I sound on paper.

Don’t Worry About Date Night

When I looked at the calendar and saw that my next post would be published on Valentine’s Day, it took a moment for me to dislodge my eyeballs from my brain after rolling them...

The Octagon with Snacks

Maybe it’s just me, but I think winter is the hardest time to be a parent. Without kids at home, I could curl up in my fuzzy socks and read all afternoon. I could...

Strong Healthy Mama

You see that woman in the photo? She’s given birth to four large and healthy boys. She had a miscarriage at 12 weeks that almost wrecked her. She’s battled alcoholism, drug addiction, anxiety, and depression. She...

The “Too Much Stuff Mom” Two Years Later

You may remember this little post I wrote two years ago, asking people to calm the heck down with the stuff at Christmas. We still have too much stuff and we still prefer experiences...

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

I am no expert in the sex department, unless you count having four kids as being an expert, then fine. I’m an expert. My parents NEVER EVER EVER had the sex talk with me....

In Defense of Fortnite

I know, I know. Put down your pitchforks. Screen time for young children is the modern-day equivalent of giving your kid a sip of beer, but hear me out. We’ve all seen the studies: too much...
Homeschooling The Preschool Years

Homeschooling: The Preschool Years

I fancy myself a “seasoned” homeschool mom. I’m now on my fourth child beginning his homeschooling journey, which gives me one in preschool, one first-grader, one fifth-grader, and one sixth-grader. My oldest is always...

Where’s the Village?

There was a time when I would just nod and smile when someone would say, “It takes a village!” “Sure, sure,” I’d think to myself. “I’m pretty rock solid on my own.” What I didn’t...

What Your Sober Mama Friend Wants You to Know

I have a weird relationship with alcohol. My mother is southern Baptist and would not allow alcohol in her house, let alone consume it. My dad was an alcoholic who kept his Budweiser tall boys...

The Best Laid Plans Are Ruined By Vomit: A Mother’s Tale

I have two fabulous posts in the works -- one on making Sunday special and one on being a sober mama -- and my plan was to sit down this afternoon and put the...