Rebecca Heid

My name is Rebecca Walden Miller Heid. I am married to Andrew Heid, a traveling production electrician who travels 90-percent of every normal (aka non-Covid shutdown) year. We have two beautiful daughters and are so very blessed in our lives, family, work, and health. I love living in Chattanooga and making connections here for ourselves and our children. I look forward to sharing more of my family's journey with you! Let’s figure out this motherhood thing together!

Not a Pretty Picture: Trying to Love Myself for her Sake

Hello everyone! Today's topic is self-love and how best to avoid passing that pesky self-hatred I currently feel to my beautiful, perfect, and extremely perceptive daughter. To be clear, my daughter will be beautiful to...

Driving Alone with Miles to go, Praying the Toddler Sleeps

I think I can, I think I can... We've all done it: sat at the wheel of our car, closed our eyes, and prayed fervently that our entire family will survive umpteenth hours sardined in...

Why Our Family Doesn’t Describe Anyone as a “Good Person” or “Bad Person”

I hear it bandied about quite often: "Well, that's just a bad person" or "She's just such a good person." These phrases make me pause and shudder a bit. I just can't get behind them,...

“Where is Daddy?” Supporting a Toddler’s Need for her Traveling Daddy

"Where is Daddy?" is one of the most common queries around our household lately. Well, that and "Why is it nighttime?" The first is a much simpler concept, but certainly harder on the heart. My husband...