Chattanooga Area Thrift Stores


Chattanooga Area Thrift Stores

I love thrift stores because I’m a bargain shopper, especially when it comes to clothes for my kids, although sometimes I like to just walk around them and see what fun things I can find. I’ve found several kitchen items, decor, Halloween costumes, and gifts in the past. Plus most are nonprofits that support a local charity or organization, so while you are practicing reduce, reuse, recycle, you can also support local charities.

Below is a list of thrift stores in the Chattanooga area:

The Clothes House – Located on Signal Mountain, this is one of my favorite places. They have clothes, books, shoes, games, jewelry, dinnerware, blankets, etc. They do not carry large furniture items because they do not have the space. I haven’t always found something for me, but I have for my kids. Priced at $1 for anything under 5T, it’s one of the first places I go to. If there is no more space on the racks, they put clothes in bins underneath, so be prepared to dig a little. Proceeds benefit the Signal Mountain Social Services.

St. Timothy’s Thrift Shop – Just two buildings down from The Clothes House, St. Timothy’s is a small two-room house that’s only open Thursday through Saturday. They don’t have a huge selection — primarily clothes and shoes — but you could probably find one or two pieces to round out a wardrobe. Proceeds from the store support women and children in need.

Bachman Bargains – Only open on Fridays and Saturdays, it is located in the Bachman Community Center and is spread out across several rooms. Their sales support the community center.

Northside Neighborhood House – The Northside Neighborhood House has three thrift store locations: Northshore, Red Bank and Soddy Daisy. Some of their prices are higher than other thrift stores I’ve been to, but 100% of their profits go to helping to fund the programs offered by the Northside Neighborhood House.

The Thrift Store – Located in East Brainerd and Red Bank, The Thrift Store benefits the Chambliss Center for Children.

Red Bank Thrift Store – Located on Dayton Blvd this store benefits hospice. They also offer a number of services including home maintenance, computer repair, and appliance repair and maintenance.

Chattanooga Thrift Store Finds
A few of my recent finds.

Providence Thrift Store – Providence Ministries Inc. has three thrift store locations in Georgia and one in Chattanooga on Lee Highway. Their proceeds support all of Providence Ministries Inc.’s outreach for addiction recovery, homeless shelters, and food.

America’s Thrift Store – Located at Northgate Mall, America’s Thrift Store has everything you can think of, even mattresses. On my most recent trip, I found my Violet Beauregard costume for about $4 and a few cute dresses. I’ve even found pillows and blankets for photo sessions. They support numerous children’s health and addiction recovery organizations across the United States.

Bethel Thrift Store – Located in Hixson, all of their sales go directly to the Bethel Bible
Village. They offer everything from clothes to dinnerware, and even furniture.

Goodwill Hwy 58 – There are Goodwill stores all over the Chattanooga area, but I’ve heard that the one on Hwy 58 is the best. There’s also a Goodwill Outlet store on Dodds Ave.

Humane Educational Society Boutique & Thrift – We drive past this place every time we go to my in-laws’ and I have always wanted to go in but have yet to. It looks fairly large from the outside and they regularly post pictures of items for sale. All of their proceeds go to the Humane Educational Society.

Soddy Daisy Thrift Store – Located in Dayton Pike, they offer clothes, housewares, furniture, kitchen items and fixtures (some new) with 25% of their sales going to hospice.

Did I hit them all? Where is your favorite place to thrift?

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