Best Chattanooga Places To Go For Family Pizza Night


Best Chattanooga Places To Go For Family Pizza NightIt’s no secret that pizza is a beloved meal for families of all sorts and sizes. However, finding the right fit when bringing along children can be a bit more of a challenge. Most pizza places make our favorite tomato pies that range from edible to memorable, but few have those small, convenient touches that make pizza night easier for parents!

Let me preface the following options by saying these have been the best from my experience. I’d love to hear which ones you’ve had the best experiences with and why! Please share below and let everyone know which pizza place your family goes to!

The easiest way to organize the pizza places, in my mind, is to organize them by Chattanooga areas we all use to mentally categorize our lovely city: Lookout, St. Elmo, South Broad, Southside, Downtown, North Shore, Red Bank, Hixson, Brainerd, Amnicola, East Brainerd, Ooltewah, and Soddy Daisy. I haven’t found a favorite pizza place in every part of town, so I will share the ones I’ve found in my most common chomping grounds.

Lookout Mountain and St. Elmo

Mr. T’s Pizza and Ice Cream

3924 Tennessee Ave, Chattanooga TN

I live on Lookout, and only one family-oriented pizza place is available to us now, especially one that offers the much-coveted convenience of direct delivery. Mr. T’s is a beloved family institution situated scenically at the bottom of the Incline Railway. I remember eating there with my Nana and great aunts and uncles on Sundays. The pizza is delicious, and you can get some delightful Mayfield ice cream too! The delivery option, handy location for activities, the small arcade inside, and their delicious pizza and ice cream have always made Mr. T’s our family’s number one pizza place.

South Side/South Broad

There are more pizza locations in this part town than you might realize. Everything from the chain Papa John’s to the more artistic Pizza Bros Southside.

Goodfellas Pizzeria

1208 King St., Suite 105, Chattanooga TN

This is a New York-style pizza restaurant with a little bit for adults and kids. Their speakeasy bar is a step back in time and bourbon, becoming a fun place to explore new drinks! The arcade is famous for entertaining the kids, and the pizza is delicious for everyone!

Downtown and Hamilton Place

Mellow Mushroom

205 Broad St. and 2318 Lifestyle Way, Chattanooga TN

Well known for their unique buildings and tasty pizza, I think the two local Mellow Mushroom locations are convenient for stopping when everyone’s been exploring downtown or around the mall. During COVID-19, they took away the popular slice of pizza option for children, which made it a little less handy. However, now they have reintroduced a lunch special where a parent and child can share the option of a slice of pizza paired with half a sub, a small salad, or cheese bread. My children have always loved the cheese bread and the pizza, and get endless entertainment watching the pizza-making process.

North Shore

Fiamma Pizza Company

405 N. Market St., Chattanooga, TN

Located near the popular shopping on Frazier and the endlessly entertaining Coolidge and Renaissance Parks, this is a great place to go on a summer day when you are ready for a tasty break and some delicious wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza. You can watch the pizza cook and they have a two-topping pizza for $12 until 3pm. Not a bad price for a quick family lunch!

Amnicola and Soddy Daisy

Ricko’s Pizzeria and Italian Cuisine

3399 Amnicola Highway, Chattanooga, TN, and 10330 Dayton Pike, Soddy-Daisy, TN

I tried Ricko’s for the first time recently, and I know it will become a real favorite. Its location on Amnicola makes it extremely handy when running back and forth from various children’s activities. Their menu offers much more than pizza, which is great for when parents want something different than pizza, or you have a child who is pizza averse. At the Amnicola location, you can call ahead and pick up in their drive-thru window, which means that a busy mom or dad does not have to get all the children out of the car to pick up food. I have not been to the Soddy-Daisy location, so I am unsure if they have a pick-up window.

The pizza is deep-dish style and decently tasty, and their buy one, get one pizza special is super handy for when the kids and parents like very different pizzas.


Biba’s Italian Restaurant

5918 Hixson Pike, Hixson, TN

I’ve tried convincing Biba’s to spread like a particularly goat-resistant ivy throughout Chattanooga, as I love all their food so very much. However, the only location I know of is in Hixson. If you have never been to Biba’s, do yourself a favor and make a trip today.

The family-oriented restaurant has so many different delicious menu options that it may take you a while to even get to the pizza. However, you won’t be sad when you order it. The pizza is delicious, and my kids absolutely adore that they can order fresh dough from the kitchen to mold and play with while we wait. Did I mention the rolls?

Kids are also welcome to color while waiting, and the restaurant displays the art on a wall near the entrance. Of all the choices, I must admit that this is my favorite, though its distance means it is a special treat for us. I envy those who have it nearby!

So there we have it! I know I did not mention all the potentially family-friendly pizza options, so please help me finish the story by adding your favorites in the comments below! Let me know, and I’ll happily go pizza tasting with the family after we can slide down our mountain!

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Thank you dear Lord for all our blessings!