Date Night: Crated with Love


Date Night: Crated with Love

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post about making time for your spouse, where I shared information about a few monthly date night box subscription ideas. When I wrote that blog post we had not yet tried any of the subscriptions; I had only researched them. I did sign up for one called Crated with Love and I want to share my experience with this subscription box so far. Since subscribing, we have done three date night boxes.

Crated with Love is a monthly subscription date in a box. We decided to give it a try for many reasons:

  1. It costs a lot to go out on a date and pay for a babysitter.
  2. We wanted a break from watching TV every night after the kids go to bed.

Crated with Love was founded by Tyler and Michelle. They created Crated with Love because their lives became busy and they didn’t have a lot of money to go out a lot (sounds familiar, right?!). So, they created Crated with Love right out of their apartment. In the first year they shipped over 5,000 dates to couples all over the world!

One thing I like about Crated with Love are the options. They have a one-time buying option, monthly subscriptions, or you can do mini date night boxes. The one-time option is just one box, no monthly subscription, no cancelling a membership; it’s just easy. The monthly subscription is what we signed up for. They have a month-to-month, six month pre-pay, and one year pre-pay options. We did the month-to-month just because I had a coupon so it was the same price as the yearly pre-pay. With the six month pre-pay you save $7 per month and with the yearly pre-pay you save $12 per box. With the month-to-month you can choose to get the boxes monthly, every other month, or every quarter. The mini dates are just a smaller version of the date night boxes.

My favorite Crated with Love box so far is called Retro Game Show Date Night. In the box is a brochure that tells you a little about the box and what you have to do in the order it needs to be done in. There were four little games within the box we had to complete.

Game #1 was called Beach Ball Volleys. During this part of the box, we had to pass a beach ball to each other. Whatever color your right thumb lands on is what activity you have to do on the card provided. Game #2 is called It Takes Two to Trivia. This is played like Jeopardy. Each time a player gets the correct answer, the opposite player has to do an activity that is on the card. Game #3 is called Foreheads are Better. In this game, we each had a headband, and one player had to put three cards in the headband. The player with the headband had to guess what the cards said based on single words given by the player without the headband. Game #4 is called You Think You Know Me? This is a list of questions about each person and the relationship. For example, the first question is “What were your and your partner’s childhood nicknames?” and the last question is “What is the one word you would use to describe your relationship?” My husband really is enjoying this game even if his face doesn’t show it!

Crated with Love has been perfect for us. We have three kids, four and under. We both work full-time, are trying to save money, and wanted to spend more time together doing something other than watching TV.

So, if you’re looking for a date night that you can do at home, that is relatively inexpensive, mixes things up, and allows you to get to know your partner in ways you didn’t know you could, I encourage you to check out Crated with Love.