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Just their MOM

We spend our lives in a constant state of change. It is always exciting when a new opportunity arises and we choose it! We dive in headfirst and can’t wait to see what happens. But then IT happens; everyone is judging your choice as if it was their choice.

In my single life, I prepared for a business career. I set my goals high and my expectations of myself even higher. You see I have an MBA in leadership. I earned it with several years of hard work and dedication. I studied, planned, worked, and succeeded. At 22 I had several degrees including an MBA. I never imagined that someday I’d be a stay-at-home mom — I mean, I didn’t go to grad school so I could spend my days changing diapers. But then it happened… I delivered my first baby, Gabriel, and like the Grinch my heart grew a size. My career and financial goals faded, they didn’t disappear, but they undoubtedly became inferior.

And guess what… I am now a stay-at-home mom. Not because I can’t find a job. Not because I have too many children to afford daycare (I mean that may or may not be true). Not because I have to, though, I choose to. For crying out loud (no pun intended) I am intelligent, driven, productive, initiating, and I had a resume that highlights me as an excellent company asset. But instead, I took that MBA and today I am a Master Baby Administrator. I stay at home because I want to!!! I use ALL of my great business qualities to create a loving, well-rounded, highly functioning, organized, and purposeful home.

And to the people who matter most in my life, my boys,

I am just their MOM. I have one role in their eyes, mom. Their mom. And it is the most influential and honorable role I could have been given.

You see motherhood is often talked about as a lowly job. A job you have to do. A job where you lose all of your self worth; you let yourself go. A job with little meaning and no reward. A job that you have to do. But wake up mamas! Oh how pathetic it is to look at investing in the lives of others as meaningless. You see, we all invest in something or someone. We devote our time and energy into things and people.

How insulting to my family and my children for them to get my leftovers after I am “done” investing in other things/people. How offensive for me to view them as a “have to” and not a “get to.” You see, I choose to be a stay at home mom, not because I can’t do anything else, but because I don’t want to miss this!

I have seen all of my children take their first steps, say their first words, and since I have boys, I’ve also been present for all of their injuries. I watch them grow, learn, and communicate. I watch them fail, and I get to teach them how to get up again. I cheer when they succeed (even if it’s a pee-pee in the potty party). I see them get their feelings hurt, and remind them to treat others with respect so they aren’t hurting feelings.

My job, the one people refer to as just staying at home, it’s the greatest job ever. I do it because I choose it. I do it because my family is a blessing and I am blessed to invest my time and energy into tiny humans. I do it because I have been called to it. And when you say yes to your calling, whatever that looks like in your family, you will be blessed. Success is not always measured in dollars or the way you feel about yourself. Success for me is raising men, husbands, and fathers who know the love of a mother, who see the benefits from a healthy marriage, and know how to love themselves and others. My bank account may not be huge, but my heart has certainly tripled in size.

I smile because I am just their MOM and I am great at it. They only have one mom, and I am it! So fellow SAHMs, conquer your day, enjoy your choice and be just their MOM.


  1. Well said! I have to work part time but I choose to stay home the rest of my time. Children are our greatest ministry! I like to think if them as my interruption ministry!

    • Hey Brynn, Thanks so much! Yes I actually have a job outside of the home too. I am able to work it completely on my terms, usually nights and weekends. It allows my resume to stay current but for my full time job to be my family. 😀

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