Getting My Stitch Fix: How I Started Having More Fun Getting Dressed


Have you gotten your FIX-

It was almost three years ago when the now-familiar brown and turquoise package first appeared on my front door. I had two small children, a body that was changed and changing, and a closet full of clothes that didn’t fit, I didn’t like, I never wore, or all of the above.

Stitch Fix seemed like a different and relatively risk-free way to breathe some new life into my wardrobe. So I signed up for my first box.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Stitch Fix is a subscription clothing service. You fill out a style profile specifying your needs, likes, dislikes, and budget and then pay a $20 styling fee. Your personal stylist (so fancy, I know) selects five items for you based on said profile. They avoid your dislikes (you can specify items you do NOT want to receive), and can even sometimes cater to specific requests, like if you have an upcoming event or trip you are shopping for. They ship your five items to you and you have five days to try them all on. (This is my favorite part. You are in the comfort of your own home, not in a rush or under pressure, and you have the rest of your wardrobe right there with you. No wondering how this would look with those other jeans, or if it might match that certain scarf. You can try on whole outfits…and then try again the next day if you are unsure!)

After you have made your decisions, you stick whatever you don’t want into a prepaid return envelope and keep what you want (checking out is fast and easy online). The $20 you paid to be styled is even applied to what item(s) you keep, and if you keep all five (which I have on rare occasion, much to my husband’s chagrin) you get 25% off of the total!

This week I received my 19th (!!!) fix.


Isn’t it pretty and spring-y? Opening the box is always a big part of the fun! [Insider pro tip: When you get the email alert that your Fix has shipped, you can go ahead and click the “checkout” option for a sneak peek of what you are receiving! Some people think it ruins the fun, but others think it ups the anticipation!]

Within each box, along with your items and the prepaid return envelope, is a note from your stylist and style cards that accompany each item. They are particularly handy for those among us who might not be fashion gurus and need a little guidance putting outfits together. I have even known women who keep the style cards and organize them in a box, on a ring, or in a folder in their closet for inspiration and reference!


This Fix, for me, was a great example of the process of Stitch Fix and why I love it, so I’m so glad to be able to share it with all of you. I was so pumped to get my box and even more excited to open it and see all of the lovely colors and textures inside. However, once I tried everything on, most of it missed the mark for me. But THAT’S OK! I tried on some fun and pretty clothing that I never would have picked up on my own (pink faux leather jacket…WHAT?!?!), did something just for myself, and may have gotten a cute new shirt out of the deal too.

Stitch Fix has pushed me out of my comfort zone of jeans, yoga pants, and hoodies and helped me to define what I want to wear, what I like to wear, and what I feel good wearing. My wardrobe has matured with me in the past few years and I am more confident dressing myself. On the rare occasion I get to leave the house to go shopping I have a better idea of what to look for. So if my Fix is a bit of a dud, I feel like the experience itself is a worthwhile investment.

The obvious major pro of Stitch Fix is having the hard work done for you. You never leave the house! Someone tells you what is cute and trendy and if you hate it then you mail it back, no harm, no foul. You can also set dates for your Fixes whenever you want; monthly, bi-monthly, or just on a whim.

So where is the downside? Well for one, I will be honest that the clothes cost more than my usual fare from Target or Old Navy. You are paying for a service, and you are also paying for higher quality clothing. That being said, I have found it is a good way to build a wardrobe and be able to augment quality pieces with trendy or impulse purchases from less expensive stores.

Also, your stylist is not a mind reader and she has never seen your body. Not all Fixes are winners. I have gotten a few things I HATED (although it has been rare and surprising) and a number of things that just don’t work with the junk in my trunk. Your first Fix is going to be kind of a gamble all around, so use it as a learning experience. Go back and tweak your profile, add a Pinterest board for inspiration, or adjust your sizes. Be honest and direct and specific and you will be more satisfied with the choices.

This time around my Fix was not 5/5. I may keep one shirt (that crochet back is cuuuuute), if I keep anything. But I would recommend the service to anyone, especially the mothers who rarely take time to treat themselves, who are stuck in a rut, or who never get the chance to feel put together and pretty. It is ok and fun and refreshing to do something for yourself…and besides, who doesn’t like to get mail?

Are you a fan of the Fix? Would you want to try it? Tell me why or why not!