Resources for New and Busy Chattanooga Mamas

Photo Credit: Kelly Ricke, of K. Ricke Photography.

One kid is a lot of kids. If you are a parent to any number of children, you are most likely busy, tired, and stressed way more than you ever imagined you would be. No matter how many kids you have or what their ages are, sometimes you just need a helping hand…and a good friend…and some chocolate.

I have been working on a list of resources for new/busy moms since my daughter was born in November, testing out several of the services listed below. It was a terrible, horrible job, but it had to be done. People were cleaning and organizing my house, bringing us food, and watching my two older boys, all in the name of helping busy moms in Chattanooga. I learned the importance of being taken care of, and that there really are people out there who can help when you need it most.

So, without further ado, here is a lengthy list that will hopefully aid in lessening the stresses of motherhood. Enjoy, my fellow momrades!

Meal Resources

At and, a friend (or even you!) can set up a meal train for friends to sign up to bring you meals. A “meal train plus”, available on, is another option that allows friends and family members to sign up for more than just meals. They can also sign up for childcare, rides, dog walking, visitors, and more.

Shipt has been a LIFESAVER for me! I got their app on my phone, where I order from Publix about once a week. They then deliver anything from the store right to my door. You do pay a little per month for this so-worth-it service, and tipping the driver is also requested in the app. If you sign up with the link above, it will save you $10 on your first order.

Walmart has a grocery pick-up service that is very helpful for moms who want to avoid having to unbuckle everyone to go into the store. You order from a huge variety or food, toiletries, etc. online, they get it ready, and all you do is show up and pick up your groceries. Easy peasy!

Google Express is a new service where you can shop for non-perishable goods through their app or online site at several local stores. This includes Whole Foods, Costco, Kohl’s, Walgreens, and many more! They then deliver the goods right to your door.

Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are two similar food delivery services that deliver fresh ingredients, taking away the burden of meal planning and shopping. I haven’t personally tried either one of these, but have heard good things.

Dinner Delivered saved my sanity a few times. You can order from several restaurants around town via their website, then they bring it to your door. You tip online, so all you have to do is barely open the door in your pajamas, grab your food, say thanks, and enjoy! I have answered the door looking like a complete mess pretty much each time they have shown up.

Weekly Fig is a locally owned, local food delivery service. Their website gives you the option to sign up for several different types of boxes, which come with their own set of meal plans. It is like a CSA box delivered to your door. They even have a prepared food section on their site, which is very helpful for busy moms. From their website:

“Weekly Fig gives you farm direct access to delicious, nutrient-dense foods from many local Chattanooga area farmers right to your doorstep. During the local growing season, each week, your veggie bag will be filled with a seasonal variety of produce picked at peak ripeness by our local growers. You can also order many other add on items offered by our farmers and it will be delivered with your weekly veggie bag. Our farmers and artisans offer an assortment of other farm fresh goods, pantry and artisan goods, ranging from pastured meats, eggs, beverages (including coffee and fermented drinks), breakfast bars, personal care products and more. Check our Pinterest page for recipe ideas or visit the meal plan listed on the home page for ideas on how to use your veggies for the week.”

Delivery Restaurants and More…

Jason’s Deli delivers! Isn’t this amazing?! We all know pizza places deliver, but did you know that NY Pizza Department delivers? Also, these restaurants are listed on Google as options if you are looking for delivery: Jimmy John’s, All-American Grilled Delivery, Kabob-ster, Na Go Ya, Shangri-la, Mellow Mushroom, Mr. T.’s Pizza & Ice Cream, China Gourmet, Grand China, Cheese Dip Mexican Grill, and Marco’s Pizza.

The Delivery Guy apparently delivers food or alcohol to your door. This is another site I have not tried, but it has great reviews.

Panera Bread offers an order ahead option online. All you have to do is put in your order, walk in, find their “rapid pick-up” area, get your food, and run.

Chick-fil-A allows you to order online ahead of time from some Chick-fil-As, and they will have your food waiting for you at a table when you arrive. This is super helpful with kids in tow.

Curb-side service is available at Carrabba’s, some local Chili’s restaurants, P.F. Chang’s, and Outback.

Food City has a “go cart” option where you can order groceries ahead of time, then pick them up. It’s only $5 per order to use this service. You can also pick up postage stamps! That alone is worth the $5.

The Chef and His Wife is a locally owned business, which creates homemade, healthy meals for less than $10 each, fresh or frozen, for pick-up or delivery.

Helpful Local and National Services

Reorganized with Rachel: If you are struggling to keep your home clean and organized, Reorganized with Rachel can help! Rachel has a gift for knowing exactly what your home needs. She comes over on the initial visit to see which areas you want to improve upon. She then draws up an extensive plan explaining how you can completely reorganize or she will even come over to organize for you (or side-by-side with you).

Chattanooga Cleaning Company: Amanda, of Chattanooga Cleaning Company, is very professional, reliable, and detailed, and she and her team are prompt and meticulous. My house is sparkly clean after they visit.

Two Women and a Feather Duster, is a local cleaning/organizing business serving the Chattanooga and Soddy Daisy area. Owners Fallon and Kelsey have recieved fantastic reviews!

Takl: The Takl app is dreamy. Think of something you need done around the house or in your life, then search for it on the Takl app, request a job, and within hours, you can have someone at your house cleaning out the gutters, painting the shutters, or simply taking out the trash. You can also create custom jobs that you need assistance with. Using the code 2D57A on the app will save you 10% off your first requested job. We used this app to hire someone to power wash and to organize our extremely packed garage. It was SO worth it! Need help with childcare? is a great service that gives you the ability to search for local sitters/nannies/house cleaners/etc. By using this site, we have found a handful of very trustworthy sitters to watch our kids. You can even do interviews, see background checks, and call references to ensure you’re hiring someone you can trust. You’re also able to customize the type of job/sitter you’re looking for, and say how much you plan to pay ahead of time. Then, people can apply for your specific job knowing ahead of time what you are willing to pay. We always require that our sitters are CPR certified, and always get tons of responses for each job we post.

Travelling Newborn Photographer, Shana Redenbaugh, of Grey Day Photography, will come to your home to set up shop, and will capture incredible pictures of your tiny bundle.

Wee Care Diaper Service: Chattanooga’s premiere cloth diaper service takes care of laundering cloth diapers for you.

Mobile Massage by AJ: Yes. It is true. There is a local massage therapist who will come to you! Please mention where you heard about his business. He has excellent reviews!

Erlanger Pharmacy delivers prescriptions right to your home! Also, Walgreens drive-thru can sometimes sell you over the counter items if you ask for them.

Amazon Prime is great to have with little ones. We sign up for “subscribe and save” orders to get diapers and wipes delivered for a discounted price. You can choose how frequently your items are delivered. Amazon Pantry is also a great way to have your groceries brought right to your home.

Kiwi Crate and Tinker Box are companies that send your child a fun, new box with crafts and science projects to keep them busy and focused, so you can possibly squeeze in a little break after showing them how to set it up.

Kids Rock Inc. on Signal Mountain offers drop-in daycare. 

Call a MeMe: Julie, of Call a Meme, is a local mom of five and grandmother who goes by “Meme.” She.Is.Amazing. I live two hours from family, so being able to call a “stand-in grandma/mom” after I had my last baby was wonderful! She helped me wrap Christmas gifts, watched my kids, and cleaned for me. Julie can offer office administration work, organizational help, mom care, new mom care, event planning and execution, laundry services, ironing, light bookkeeping, meal planning and preparation, and errand running. She basically gets down in the trenches with you to help with whatever you need. Julie even gives you the option to prepurchase her services as a gift to a busy/new mom who you may know. Prices depend on the job, and she does offer a free consultation.

Social/Group Resources

Fit4Mom: You can find fitness classes, wellness programs, and community designed specifically for moms in all stages of motherhood. This is a fun way to get in shape alongside other moms in the Chattanooga area.

MOPs: Moms of Preschoolers is a national group that connects moms from all walks of life. This group is a wonderful place to meet other moms! I LOVE my MOPs group! It has been a great support system for me. Find a MOPs group near you.

Facebook has TONS of local moms groups, giving you the ability to bounce ideas and questions off other moms and to meet up for various mom/kid-centered events. is an easy way to get out to meet new moms! They even have a “New Mothers Support Group” right now.

Family Hiking Group is on Facebook and run by Amanda Ruth, who organizes family hikes around the city. This has been such an awesome group to be a part of! Being out in nature is a great way to hit the refresh button on days where you feel cooped up in the house. You also get social time with other moms and your kids meet other kiddos.

Crabtree Farms is a local, peaceful, family-friendly farm where you can reap the benefits of getting out in nature with your whole crew. From their marketing director: “We have a mindful living workshop, cooking workshops, gardening workshops for families to blow off steam and be with other adults. The reality is that we are very family-friendly.” By the way, they also offer a CSA package that is worth checking out.

Chattanooga Mamas Night Out group on Facebook frequently hosts events for moms to get together to enjoy some kid-free time (infants are welcome) enjoying crafting, chatting, dancing, dining, clothing swaps, favorite things parties, Pinterest nights, game nights, and other fun things that are tough to do with kids around.

Postpartum, Breastfeeding and Pediatric Assistance is a site dedicated to helping moms get through the tough emotional issues that may occur after baby is born. You can chat with a professional about possible depression, anxiety, etc. at 1.800.944.4PPD.

Journey Midwifery Services can help with postpartum issues that may arise.

Henegar Counseling Center is a local counseling center in Chattanooga that can help you get through a myriad of issues. They offer individual, marriage, and family counseling. 

La Leche League is an incredible resource for breastfeeding help. They are a wealth of information! “Our Mission is to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.” 1-877-4-LALECHE

Lactmed is an app that allows you to search a database of medicines to see whether they are safe during breastfeeding.

Nurse Hotlines: Most insurance companies provide a 24/7 nurse hotline listed on the back of your insurance card. My family has successfully used our insurance’s hotline to avoid having to visit the doctor’s office a couple times.

Traveling Lactation Consultant Ashley Lucas, will visit you at your home to help with breastfeeding and lactation questions.

Hands-Free Entertainment lets you listen to audiobooks while your kids are screaming at you instead of attempting to and failing at reading actual books.

Chattanooga Library has digital and audiobooks in downloadable form online. You must be a member to take advantage of this.

Castbox App is a podcast app that you can get on your phone, then listen to hundreds of podcasts for free.

Treat Yourself (and your friends!) Resources

…because you really do need chocolate…and cake.

Bread and Butter Bakery has a must-try brownie and mustard gruyere scone.

Locals Only Gifts: Danielle, of Locals only Gifts, puts together gorgeous gift baskets containing fun items that are all local to Chattanooga.

The Hot Chocolatier has so much deliciousness to offer that you will probably think about their chocolate chip bacon cookie and chocolate cheesecake in your sleep.

While there are many ways you can be relieved of some of the overwhelming aspects of parenting, one of the most effective things you can do is to get involved with other moms, building a support network.

The community you create will help to guide you through hard times. There is even scientific proof that sharing parenting and postpartum struggles with other moms is a wonderful prescription for problem solving and emotional healing. It’s also extremely important to admit to yourself/others when you are going through possible postpartum or general depression/anxiety, so that other moms, friends, and family can gather round to support you. Odds are, that someone else has gone through the same thing, and is very interested in lifting you up! We are all in this together, mamas!

I hope this list is filled with helpful resources to get you through the difficulties of newborn-land and rough patches of parenting. If you know of any additional resources, please feel free to add them in the comments.

*Please note: The Takl app code, the Walmart link, and the Shipt link are affiliate links and I will earn credit should you choose to use them.