Second Grade Fears


Second Grade Fears Recently, I was doing my normal scrolling through the Tik of the Tok, a source I use for entertainment, news, and learning.

I watch so I can learn about new ways to make yarn dance over a crochet hook, how to not be too make too many faux pas in Korean, and much more. One of the things I’m always learning more about is parenting. There are always so many parents on there sharing their unique experiences amongst various professionals of one sort or another offering sound parenting advice.

Regarding my eldest, I am usually always looking for different approaches. Her young brain always moves a thousand miles a minute, and her emotions are often turbulent. I think that the diagnoses of ADHD like mine, and likely a bit of spectrum, will come sometime in the next few years. So, finding new and better ways to communicate with her to help her work through difficulties is always on my mind.

Lately, I’ve been seeing posts that talk about ADHD in children and how around 2nd-3rd grade is really when the issues start amassing. This is the time when they start having more difficulty maintaining friendships, focusing on their work, and generally continuing to thrive as they have done to this point.

I come from a family where all the boys were diagnosed (literally all of them) in third grade with ADD or ADHD, while we young ladies were breezed over due to our ability to mask and manage. This is not something I want for my complex little girl. I want her to find her footing and work with her brain, not try and subdue it. And I think this year is where we are going to find out if the world, the doctors, and the education system are going to help her find a mask and put it on instead.

So, as we delve into second grade, here’s praying I’m just a worried momma with no legs to stand on and this year runs as smoothly as the ones before. Do you have a young one who was diagnosed? If so, when?

This is my hope,

This is my prayer,

Please, Dear Lord, let my Lillie be supported however she needs.