EV1 Barbershop & Salon Review (+Giveaway!)


I’m an extrovert by nature. Human interaction, especially with strangers, makes me plain happy and energized. However, even as a self-proclaimed people person, I get a bit nervous when receiving professional services from strangers. Whether this be a new haircut, massage, dress fitting, whatever, it makes me nervous not knowing what to expect. When my husband and I were given the opportunity to try out the new EV1 Barbershop & Salon in the Southside, I went from happy to scared. My main concern was that since I’m a people-pleaser by nature, what if I had to give them a bad review? What if they chopped off too much hair without asking? What do we talk about? All these questions popped in my head. Now I laugh at the memory because Lisa and Brittany are two of the most charming, easy-going professionals I have had the pleasure of meeting. This review is my honest opinion.

The Stylists and the Cuts

Lisa and Brittany were amazing. Lisa, owner and creative director, cut and styled my hair. We instantly clicked when we started talking about our daughters who aren’t far apart in age. Throughout the haircut I was left laughing, especially when commenting on how clients feel so comfortable with their hair stylists and we tend to blurt out confessions we wouldn’t tell others. I even told her about me being pregnant with #2 (surprise!) before we even told our families.

Back to the actual cut–we talked about what I wanted in a cut and how much time I will actually spend on styling. Since I wasn’t brave enough to get a big chop due to my hair finally starting to grow, Lisa suggested I get a few inches cut off to shape up my locks but leave it long enough to be pulled back in a bun. We headed over to the shampoo sinks where I was impressed. Their shampoo sinks are not the typical ones that hurt your neck. Instead, they are designed to be more like a pillow that supports your neck and shoulders. The actual cut was precise with no mishaps. Lisa has a very impressive background traveling all of the world cutting hair. I was left with a shaped-up, voluminous style that I was able to rock for days without shampooing. I got so many compliments from coworkers and on social media. Lisa definitely has a new client. 




Brittany cut my husband’s hair and trimmed his facial hair. Her title is Master Barber and that instantly made her cool in my book. Normally Steven goes to Great Clips to get his hair cut. It’s cheap and quick. Sometimes he gets a good cut and sometimes I end up have to trim it even. It’s a gamble worth taking in Steven’s mind. We were both wondering how much difference we would see at the end of this cut. Spoiler alert: I’m never letting him use a coupon to pay for a haircut again. I don’t know what kind of magic she worked, but Brittany cut his hair in such a meticulous way that he had a part and hipster-esque front swoop that I found very attractive. I’m not sure if men like to talk to their stylists or not? Steven is not shy by any means, but he tends to be quiet when it comes to this kind of stuff. Brittany didn’t seem to mind at all.

Brittany and Lisa both asked if he would be willing to get a clean shave, but he shot that down. The man is particular about his facial hair. Instead Brittany got him lined up and looking better than the mess that was originally on his face. He was very happy with the results and is already planning on coming in again to get a clean shave after the winter. The best part? His haircut results should last longer than the cheaper cuts on the chains.



The Salon/Atmosphere

The salon is located at 1301 Cowart Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402 in the Southside area. On the street you’ll find meter parking or you can always park on East Main Street for free and walk the half block over. The interior has a very British, eclectic style. Many of the pieces give off an antique feel with a new twist. Some of the showpieces like the front desk and salon counter tops, were built by Chattanooga-local Mark Akers which made me love the salon even more.


There is a separate area for the men’s shaves and cuts, complete with old auditorium seating for waiting clients.


The salon carries a variety of Kerastase products, Layrite pomade and hair products for men, and Crown’s Shaving Co. grooming products for men. 


While you are there, sip on a drink or hot tea and enjoy some biscuits (the British kind) or chocolate. Steven’s beer helped him relax and the chocolate kept this pregnant-mama happy. 

The Overall Experience

As Chattanooga transplants, Lisa and Brittany bring a level of hair expertise and enthusiasm that our city welcomes. Steven and I both agreed that we will be back. The best new feature about EV 1? They have extended their hours so they are open on Saturdays and Sundays! Now you have no excuse not to leave the kids at home with someone and take some time to enjoy a drink, some chocolate, and a new haircut. 

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  1. I have only ever gotten a Great Clips haircut (I’m a Chattanooga Mama and preschool teacher, so cost and time are my main reasons). Getting a haircut that isn’t a gamble would be amazing! And I love the Southside!

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