Essentials for Baby #3


Essentials for Baby #3I know what many of you are thinking when reading the title: what could we possibly need for a third baby? And all girls?!

I thought the same thing, which is why I had not thought to create a registry until a couple of months before my due date. But I was wrong! Not only did we need some consumable goods and replacement items, I needed some gear that would make life with three young kids easier!

I hope this list helps those of you with a growing family transition easily (or as easily as can be expected, right?):

Expired Items

Typically, by the third baby some of your baby gear will start to expire. Check your car seat and crib mattress to make sure they are still within their manufacturer’s window of safety. While these are not necessarily the most fun items to buy, I sleep better at night knowing they are safe. I was lucky enough to find a gently used car seat from a trusted friend that fit my stroller and car seat base. Ask around if you don’t want to spend money on brand new gear. You might be surprised what people are willing to sell or give you for free.

Seats and Swings 

I found this Sit-me-up seat by Fisher Price for $40 and it has been a life saver. I started using it when my baby was about three months old to get her off the floor and out of harm’s way (namely active toddlers who would otherwise step on her). It also gives her a chance to see the family from a sitting position versus laying flat when I need to put her down.

Portable White Noise

This was one of those things I have had for a while but never needed for baby. With two older kids and a busy schedule, baby takes a lot of car naps. This Dohm is small enough to put inside the car seat but loud enough to keep baby asleep for school pick up and grocery runs. Sometimes I even let her continue napping once we have arrived back at home instead of transferring her to the crib. Makes life so much easier!

Extra Clothes, Swaddles and Towels

When we started getting extra towels and onesies as gifts this time around I didn’t think we really needed anything else. But needless to say, I can only manage to do so much laundry in one week. So having extra sets of clothes and towels is very helpful.

Speaking of swaddles, we decided to follow Moms on Call with this baby and learned a different technique for swaddling. We also learned from a friend that we could double swaddle her. Who knew!? We used this flannel swaddle from Moms on Call AND an easy swaddle (like Aiden and Anais or Halo). She has been sleeping much better than our first two girls and I honestly think it’s the swaddle.

Busy Toys 

Whether you’re nursing or using formula, feedings can be a difficult time with older children running around. Inevitably, someone needs to use the potty or wants you to read them a book at that exact moment. Having some “busy toys” that kids can play with while you feed makes the time pass much easier and eliminates feelings of guilt that you are not ignoring anyone. Here is one by Melissa and Doug that I really like, but a box full of gadgety toys like stickers, bubbles, and puzzles works well too!

Portable Breast Pump

I wish these were around with my first child because I could have produced so much milk on my way to and from work. I bought a Willow from a friend so that I could multitask. While it’s been a bit of a learning curve, I have finally figured out how to use it while I bring my oldest daughter to school! These are pricey, but some brands accept FSA dollars or if you get lucky like me, you can buy one in excellent used condition.

No matter how many kids you have already, don’t be afraid to make a registry of items that will make your life easier! What are some of your favorite things for your growing family?

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