How Do I Get Off The Breastfeeding Train?


How Do I Get Off The Breastfeeding Train?So, it is time to start the weaning process for my amazingly adorable and stubborn two-year-old. Like her sister before her, she fell in love with the “Beebees” from the very first moments after birth, latching on with a determination not to let go until the world ends.

Now, I’m wondering how to convince this snuggly little ball of determination that for mommy’s sanity and her own dental health, it’s time to give up the “Beebees.” When we had to transition our eldest five years ago, it was amazing how smoothly the process went!

I managed to throw out my back and could barely move without feeling like I was being stabbed by a dagger. I took heavier medication to survive the next few days. My eldest was advanced in her communication and empathy skills even at the tender age of two and a half. So, we sat her down and said Mommy is taking dangerous medicine, so you can’t have “Beebees.” Amazingly, she was ok with that explanation, and after 48 hours without them, she was done! And so was I!

This time around, an explanation, though likely to be understood, will not go far in helping make the transition…

My youngest has the fire of a thousand toddlers raging through her system, burning bright with the fierce desire to always have her way. Unfortunately, her way often intersects with a breastfeeding break or three. So, our conversation will likely end with her current favorite phrase, “I not do that.”

I’ve tested the waters several times, and the conversation dissolves into desperate breastfeeding accompanied by frantic eyes. Then, last night, when my breasts were sore and my sleep had been interrupted for the sixth time, I decided the “Beebees” needed a break. Cue the next hour of rage, screaming, kicking, hitting, and clawing to access the precious source of milk and comfort.

So now, I am genuinely wondering how I will do this. I can’t and won’t let her cry it out, as my heart just isn’t able to deal with that particular method. My husband also travels constantly, so I’m primarily alone and need enough sleep to function as I won’t have anyone to support my sleep-addled self later.

I offer no judgment for others who can do sleep training, but it’s not a helpful method for me. So, what else is there? We have a water bottle nearby at all times. She does use binkies for comfort throughout the night when she isn’t feeding. I’ve wondered if putting vinegar on certain areas might help deter?

What have you done that works? Please send this desperate mommy some advice!

This is my hope,

This is my dream,

Please, Dear Lord, help me find a method that will not break my little one’s heart.