Raising Kids In The Gig City: A Chattanooga Mom’s Perspective


Raising Kids In The Gig City: A Chattanooga Mom's PerspectiveBeing a mom in ‘Gig City’ comes with its own unique set of perks. The super-fast internet speeds, the thriving local culture, and the abundance of family-friendly activities make it a fantastic place to raise kids. And as the city booms, so do opportunities for my family — something that we didn’t have when we were rural.

Tech-Savvy Kids In A Tech-Savvy City

One of the unique aspects of Chattanooga is its status as the ‘Gig City,’ boasting some of the fastest internet speeds in the nation. This has opened a world of opportunities for my kids, from uninterrupted access to digital learning to online games and activities. Since we are a foster home, we even qualify for free internet. Chattanooga is one of the first in the country to offer this!

But as a mom, it’s also my job to ensure they’re navigating the digital world safely and responsibly. Parental control tools, age-appropriate content, and open conversations about internet safety are all part of our daily conversations.

The World Of Education In Chattanooga

In terms of education, we’re spoiled for choice here. From top-tier public, magnet and private schools, to a wealth of homeschooling resources, Chattanooga offers a plethora of opportunities for our children’s growth and development. We’ve utilized the YMCA’s homeschool PE program and the Zoo’s ZooUniversity for science.

And let’s not forget the rich selection of extracurricular activities, whether your child is into sports, arts, or coding. There are a ton of options for all of these categories, even a bagpipe band!

Non-Stop Family Fun In Chattanooga

Chattanooga is teeming with family-friendly activities. Some weekends we’ll explore like tourists, hitting the Creative Discovery Museum or the Tennessee Aquarium. Other times, we’ll head to one of the many parks for a picnic and some playtime. We also like hiking, a leisurely bike ride along the Riverwalk, or a picnic at Riverview Park.

The Great Outdoors: Chattanooga’s Natural Playground

If your family is anything like mine, you love the outdoors. From Lookout Mountain to the Chattanooga Zoo, and our lovely Riverwalk, the city is a natural playground waiting to be explored. These outings are a great way to teach kids about nature while also spending quality time together. Chattanooga truly is built for active families and we are sure to take advantage of that every chance we get.

Local Support For Moms

Chattanooga offers a wonderful support system for parents. Between mom groups, childcare services, and community centers, there’s always someone to turn to for advice or assistance. As a mom, knowing that there’s a network of support makes all the difference. There are ways to stay connected digitally and in person. And lots of events for women (you know, that thing we are without our children).

Healthy Living In Chattanooga

Living in Chattanooga means easy access to fresh, local food at farmers markets. This has been a wonderful opportunity to teach my kids about healthy eating habits. We especially like visiting Crabtree Farms and seeing first hand how things grow. Plus, the setting of the mountains, rivers, and lake encourages outdoor activities. It’s a win-win.

Striking A Balance

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a Chattanooga mom is balancing work and family. Like many of you, I juggle a career with raising kids. But I’ve found that Chattanooga’s flexible work opportunities, combined with an understanding employer and a supportive partner, make it possible. With the fast internet speeds we have a ton of remote-first employees and employers. And many are working to change the dynamics by allowing more time and flexibility for your family.

Chattanooga’s Rich Culture

Chattanooga’s rich culture, vibrant music scene, and local festivals have a profound influence on how we’re raising our kids. These events provide a fun way to teach kids about the world around them and the importance of community. We love the diverse groups of people and we truly welcome any opportunity to show the kids all the different people around them. It sometimes feels like a bubble to greater Tennessee as we have such an eclectic mix of people in Chatt.

A Chattanooga Mom’s Perspective

‘Gig City’ has nestled itself into our hearts, and we can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. Despite being here for just four years, it feels like we’ve been part of this community for a lifetime.

This city, with its fast internet and beautiful landscapes, is more than just a place — it’s a feeling, a lifestyle, a family.

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