Carrie Buddin Badeaux

Hi there! I’m Carrie. When I’m not chasing chickens and dogs and 9-year olds, I’m the owner/designer of a small jewelry business based in Signal Mountain. I enjoy leaving things on the stairs for my child to take to his room but never does, spending hours of my life in the school car line, and packing a lunchbox every Monday through Friday until the year 2030.

The New (Year) Vs. The Old

It’s the first week of January, which means it’s the first week of a new year. “New year, new you.” “Another 365 chances to get it right.” “Out with the old, in with the...

The Joy Of Looking Up

This morning I overslept. And I never oversleep. My alarm usually wakes me before my dogs or my chickens or my child. But not this morning. Barks were my alarm this morning because even...
Homeroom Moms and First Tattoos

Homeroom Moms And First Tattoos

I'm a 4th Grade homeroom mom. I organize thousands of goody bags. (OK, it's just 25.) I obsess over teacher gifts. On Saturday mornings, you can find me at the soccer field cheering on...
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