Carrie Buddin

Hi there! I’m Carrie. When I’m not chasing pups and 10-year olds, I’m the owner/designer of a small jewelry business based in Chattanooga. I enjoy leaving things on the stairs for my child to take to his room but never does, spending hours of my life in the school car line, and packing a lunchbox every Monday through Friday until the year 2030.

The Unschooling Of My Son

My son is 10-years-old. He’s in 5th grade. He loves recess and his friends. He loves the sidebar conversations they have during lunchtime about Pokémon and video games and silly things. He hates brushing...

Lessons From An Older Mom

I'm an older mom. I mean, I'm not the oldest mom, but I'm up there. I was 24 days away from being 40 when I had my son. I had been single and childless...

Buy The Bigger Jeans

Everywhere you look, women are talking about our weight. Specifically, weight loss. Or weight found. We're always talking about it, to be honest. But this time of year, it’s an especially hot topic. Resolutions,...

Gifts Get A Bad Rap

As I’m sure it is in your house, there’s been a lot of talk about gifts lately in mine. My 10-year-old is much more open about his Wish List now that he’s aware of...

It’s Just Like Riding A Bike

Isn’t that what they say? "It's just like riding a bike." Word on the cyclist-friendly street is that once you learn how, you never forget. Really? Because I'm not so sure. I’m pretty spectacular at...

“Alexa, Teach Us Manners, Please.”

We live in a world of instant gratification. Let me be clear about something: I secretly love it. Whether it’s our phones or the little speakers and screens that live on our kitchen counters...

Little Minds Need Mental Health Days

I am a grown up and as a grown up, I’m always encouraged to take these things called “mental health days.” Oh, you know what they are. Feeling perpetually run down or overwhelmed? Mental...

Being A Mother In Another Land

Raising a toddler in the Land of Target and Starbucks and neighborhood play dates is hard enough. But, what if there are no Targets? What if the food and the language and the faces...
Christmas In July

Dreaming Of Christmas In July

Mamas, I have a confession: I am not a fan of summer. Summer is a wild, lawless place. I look forward to summer for approximately one delusional, misguided month at the end of the...

It’s My Leap Year

We want our kids to be fearless. Cautiously fearless. Fearless yet avoiding an ER visit. Fearless while also covered in bubble wrap with a syringe of Benadryl on hot stand-by and "9-1-" already dialed...