Jennifer Davis

Hey, guys, I’m Jennifer. My husband and I had our first kid (Arthur) in 2015, and we’re big fans so far. We’re more or less Chattanooga natives, alternating our free time between watching copious amounts of TV and exploring the city. I consider myself an extroverted introvert (or vice versa) with a Type A-/B+ personality, and my favorite food is tacos. I’m a diehard Harry Potter fan, DisneyWorld enthusiast, devotee of C.S. Lewis, movie lover, and writer who hopes to change the world.
Let's Go to the Mall (Today!)

Let’s Go to the Mall (Today!)

Until about two years ago, I envisioned a house full of children of my own one day. I thought four seemed like a good number. It had worked out well for my family. But...
Mama Llama's Always Here, Even If She's Not Right Here

Mama Llama’s Always Near, Even If She’s Not Right Here

I've read Llama Llama Red Pajama so many times that I may be able to recite it from memory. Near the end of the story (spoilers), Mama Llama reassures Baby Llama that she's always...

When Life Throws Lemons at Your Face

I always loved going back to school. During summer break, I counted down the days until classes started up again, no matter how old I was or what I was going to school for....

Knee-Deep in Dishes: Life as a WAHM

I've been working from home as a freelance writer for a little over four years, and in that time, I've learned two things (okay, a lot of things): It's awesome, and it's terrible. When...

Tech-Savvy or Tech-Obsessed? Raising a Post-Millennial Generation

No one who knows me now will believe this, but I spent more time outside when I was younger than inside. In fact, my best memories from early childhood in Charleston all take place...

Does Your Child Need an Intervention? TEIS Can Help

By the time most kids turn one, they should be using simple gestures (waving "bye bye"), saying a few words ("mama" or "dada"), playing basic games ("peek-a-boo"), following simple directions ("bring me the toy"),...