Jennifer Davis

Hey, guys, I’m Jennifer. My husband and I had our first kid (Arthur) in 2015, and we’re big fans so far. We’re more or less Chattanooga natives, alternating our free time between watching copious amounts of TV and exploring the city. I consider myself an extroverted introvert (or vice versa) with a Type A-/B+ personality, and my favorite food is tacos. I’m a diehard Harry Potter fan, DisneyWorld enthusiast, devotee of C.S. Lewis, movie lover, and writer who hopes to change the world.

You’re Probably an Ambivert

No one who knows me would peg me as an extrovert. When I told my parents that I’m actually an extrovert based on the true definition of the word, they balked at the idea....

The Only Advice You Really Need About Potty Training

Defending my graduate thesis, swallowing radioactive iodine, giving birth, surgery, potty training. These are, in order of least to most, the things that I’ve been most apprehensive about in my 32 years of life....

If You’re Not Dead, You Haven’t Missed Your Calling Yet

Several weeks ago, I saw a local production of Wit, starring a former work friend. She’s in her 60s, this friend of mine, and as I watched her bring down the house in this...
A Wedding Day Series

Here Comes the Bride: A Wedding Day Series {Jennifer’s Story}

May 24, 2008. I’m 22, a freshly minted college graduate with an English degree and no job prospects. Jeremy, my groom, is also 22, also newly graduated, and also jobless. Our real diplomas haven’t...

Unexpected (and Totally Necessary) Costs of a Family Vacation

Next month, my husband and I will take our 2.75-year-old to Disney World for the first time. We celebrated our honeymoon, 5th anniversary and my 29th birthday at Disney, so we’re familiar with the...

9 Quirky Books for Your Kiddo’s Library

When a two-and-a-half-year-old runs the show, reading options tend to fall into mind-numbing categories. If I have to read Dog Wants to Play or The Berenstain Bears Go to the Movies one more time,...
The Facepalm Emoji

The Facepalm Emoji: A Lesson in Early Motherhood

While looking back through some notes on my phone, I stumbled across one that outlines my kiddo's exact bedtime routine. When I say "exact," I mean I describe in painstaking detail things like how...
Further Up And Further In: Getting Hard Things Done

Further Up and Further In: Getting Hard Stuff Done {Series}

Around mile 10 of my first half-marathon, my legs decided they'd had enough. I had been warned by strangers in blog posts more experienced runners that mile 10 was a brick wall. At some...
How I Became a Mom {series} | Chattanooga Moms Blog

How I Became a Mom: Jennifer’s Story {Series}

I knew moments before I took a pregnancy test that it would be positive. It was a sudden gut feeling as I headed to the bathroom. I thought, "This time, it’s going to be...

hashtag blessed

I like looking back on the “On This Day” feature of Facebook to see my old posts and learn about past Jennifer. She was a weirdo, to be honest, but she meant well. Recently,...