Jessie Weaver

I am a stay-at-home mom to four kids (ages 11, 8, 6, and 3) - as well as a freelance writer and editor. We live on campus at Baylor School, where my husband teaches. After living in Ohio, Indiana, and Virginia, Tennessee is home and has been for 15+ years. I do some freelance writing and editing when I am not chasing the toddler, keeping my 6-year-old from climbing the curtains, listening to my 8-year-old talk about Minecraft, or buying way too much (SALE!) clothing for my 11-year-old daughter.

Coping with Bad Depression Days

From about June to December of 2019, I was in a pretty awful depressive funk. I've dealt with depression and anxiety and been on medication pretty steadily since I was 20, so you'd think at...

I Must Officially Be Old Because I’m Now on King Triton’s Side

I'm 37-years-old now, but in 1989, I was seven- and eight-years-old. After having a daughter myself who has gone through these years (now 11 and much too mature), I can tell you with great...

My Best Books of 2019

One of my favorite bookish podcasts had a recent episode entitled GoodReads, You're Fired. The main gist of their argument was how bad the GoodReads Best of the Year awards winner lists always are....

I’m Feeling Pretty Grinchy This Christmas

I never feel ready for the Christmas season. Wasn't it just here? Didn't I just do this? As you get older, each year represents a smaller sliver of your life, so perhaps my mind...

What’s it Like to do a Show at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre?

The Weaver family recently went through quite a whirlwind three months, during which my 10-year-old daughter rehearsed for and performed her first real show; she played Matilda in Matilda the Musical at the Chattanooga...

ALDI People Are My People

I feel like my delight over the opening of the Signal Mountain Road ALDI was a little out-of-hand. You should have heard my great enthusiasm and sighs of relief. No longer would I have...

There’s No Such Thing as a Normal Family

I'm not even sure what we were talking about, but during a conversation with my 10-year-old daughter recently, I realized not one of the families we are close to has any type of traditional...

Lunchbox Rotation: Saving Your Sanity, One Lunch at a Time

Before my oldest child (now entering fifth grade) even started kindergarten, I bought into the Bento box phenomenon. Why? There's little to no unwrapping, it reduces plastic waste, and the small compartments are just...

Vacationing with a Big Family

Does the idea of packing for vacation with a vanful of kids in tow make you break out into hives? Are you wondering if the Grand Canyon or Disney World are totally out of...
Eating Crow | Chattanooga Moms Blog

Eating Crow, and Other Side Effects of Having More Than One Kid

Maybe you relate to this situation: You had one, perfect child. You spent a lot of time washing her pacifiers off, refusing to let him watch any TV, and making only organic baby food....