Melissa Laseter

I am just an average mom – working full-time and raising two precious boys (ages 9 and 7) with the help of my partner in crime, the Urban Woodsman. I don’t do anything special, and I am aware of and grateful for my ordinary life. I love Chattanooga and what it has to offer. I love to read life lessons and “light bulb moments” from other people, and I hope to share some of my own along the way!

Asking Better Questions

How was your day? <good> Did you have a good day? <yes> My kids are still young elementary schoolers, but this quick question and response cycle has come early in my house. Every day when I pick...

It’s Like Folding a Fitted Sheet

By now, anyone who reads what I write can see a common theme…I basically have no idea what I’m doing. I can normally be found waiting for someone to find out that I’m a...

Spring Break in Chattanooga {2018}

March is halfway over, and suddenly, you realize what's coming. You've hoped for a break from the school lunches and early mornings, but now the reality is more than you can bear. It's coming... With...

Podcasts: Kids’ Choice

As usual, I'm late to the game when it comes to what all the cool kids are doing. Years ago, I would roll my eyes at my friends who listened to NPR, and that...

Kids Eat Free (or Cheap): Chattanooga Edition

Listen, we have all been there. It's 5 o'clock, and the thought of cooking dinner makes you sick to your stomach. Then the thought of spending all that money on your whole crew of...

Chattanooga Birthday Party Spots

Birthday parties can be such an exciting and stressful experience, primarily for moms. From those of us who try to minimize birthday and party stress to those of us with grandiose party planning skills,...
Christmas tree and piano

A Christmas Lover’s Guide to Terrible Christmas Music

Now, before you decide that I’m the Grinchiest Scrooge that ever lived, re-read the title. I love Christmas. I love what it stands for as part of my faith, and I also love what...
Motherhood Haikus

Motherhood in Haikus

When writing about motherhood, there are just so many things to include. So many ways to approach it. Should you be serious? Should you be tender-hearted? Should you be silly? I am assuming you can...

CMB Retreat at the Chattanoogan Hotel {Review}

Chattanooga Moms Blog contributors recently had a planning retreat at the Chattanoogan Hotel. Aside from being a luxury hotel, the Chattanoogan also offers amazing meeting spaces for local and traveling businesses and conferences. The atmosphere...
Chattanooga Fall Round-Up

Chattanooga Fall Round-Up

Today is the first day of school for many of our kids, so it seems only natural to run far, far away from summer and into the waiting arms of fall. Although it is...