Father’s Day Gift Ideas


I’m a lucky lady to have great fathers around me. Between my dad, my husband, my father-in law, I have some great ones to celebrate.

The dads I see are putting in the hard work. They are working long days, often with the weight of the world on their shoulders, and then coming home to be there for their families. I see dads playing in the yard, cooking dinner, listening to another long Minecraft story, and tucking sleepy kids into bed. I see dads showing up and I see dads that need to be celebrated.

Since men tend to be notoriously hard to buy for, I enlisted the help of some folks to give me ideas to try and make this easier for you. With no further ado, here are some gift options for Father’s Day:

Father's Day Gift IdeasRelaxation. Massage or pedicure gift cards (who doesn’t want to be pampered?), beard trimmer, beard oil.

Outdoors. A fire pit, camp chair, fishing gear.

Sports. Tickets to a sporting event, new hat or t-shirt.

Music. Bluetooth speaker, wireless headphones, concert tickets, records.

Hobbies. Discs for disc golf, a round of golf, video games, etc.

Food and Drink. A grill, whiskey/beer, shot glasses, steaks, a big bucket of cheese balls (or maybe that’s just my dad).

Clothing. Wild socks, a graphic t-shirt that has his favorite band or TV show. No polos — don’t get lazy.

Experiences. Camping, hiking, fishing, sporting event, etc. Or let Dad call all the shots for one day of family time!

Thoughtfulness. A card, a collage of pictures, craft projects from the kids.

Dads need affirmation just like moms do, and thoughtful words or gestures go a long way. Whatever you are able to do for the dads in your life, be sure they know they are seen and loved. Parenting is hard work for all of us, and dads deserve some love too.

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Chattanooga Moms.