Melissa Laseter

I am just an average mom – working full-time and raising two precious boys (ages 9 and 7) with the help of my partner in crime, the Urban Woodsman. I don’t do anything special, and I am aware of and grateful for my ordinary life. I love Chattanooga and what it has to offer. I love to read life lessons and “light bulb moments” from other people, and I hope to share some of my own along the way!

Camping Spots Around Chattanooga

My family enjoys camping. We love the sounds, we love sitting around a fire, and we love escaping the busyness of life. We have an old pop-up camper that keeps us dry from the...
Chattanooga Fall Round-Up

Chattanooga Fall Round-Up

Although it is still hot, the bees and mosquitoes are still buzzing and college football fans are still hopeful and full of dreams, let’s think about fall, shall we? A fall where cardigans and...
Chattanooga Thrift Stores

Thrift Store Round-Up

I love thrift stores. I don't even really like shopping all that much, but I can rarely pass up a good thrift store. I can rarely pass up a bad thrift store. I think...

Camping with Kids

Picture it: September 2015. Two adults, a three-year-old and an almost five-year-old huddled in a tent. It was raining -- hard. My husband and I had both camped a decent amount in our younger...

Chattanooga Independence Day Round-up

If you’re like me, and are constantly looking ahead on your calendar, you know the next big holiday is July 4th. Whether you want shopping, live music, fireworks, or another way to enjoy the...

A Mom’s Summer Reading List

It’s just the beginning of summer, which means some of us (myself included) are still full of dreams. Dreams where we lounge by the pool, sit on the porch, or lay on the beach...

Spring Break in Chattanooga {2019}

Well, it's March, and suddenly, you realize what’s coming. You’ve hoped for a break from the school lunches and early mornings, but now the reality is more than you can bear. It’s coming…SPRING BREAK.  And...

Motherhood in Haikus: Round 2

I don't know much, but I do know this: motherhood is not for the weak. There are frustrating occasions, happy times, and moments of sheer exhaustion. At this point, I think I've written about...

Rudolph is Tearing My Family Apart

Look at him. He seems perfectly harmless. Who would think this sweet little underdog (underreindeer?) could cause such great emotional turmoil? Our world is full of divisiveness and those arguments stretch far and wide. Coke or...

Our Stories are Important

“Are you going to write about this?” I have spent a decent amount of time with my grandmother in the past month, and on my last visit, she asked me this question more than once: ...