I’m in a crappy mood this week. There are no two ways about it. I’m overextended and although respite is in sight, it’s not here yet. I’m punchy and irritable and moody and crabby and all the other words you might use.

When I sat down to write this week, what flowed out of my mind and fingers was frustration. Every blog start was laced with complaints and no solutions. This is not a cry for help, but rather only the raw honesty of a tired mom, clicking away in the dark after the kids are in bed.

This post was due yesterday, but being the uninspired frazzled mom that I am, I went to bed last night hoping for inspiration which didn’t come. I still got up this morning and did all the things I am expected to do (aside from this post): shower, breakfast, drop kids off, work, pick kids up, walk the dog, church, dinner, etc. You see, I am nothing if not a dependable person. These are the expectations, and these are the things I signed up for.

But I’m worn out, y’all.

So what do you do when the life you have built is overwhelming? What do you do when it leaves you feeling uninspired? I love my job and I am good at it. I love my family and I love taking care of them (except for laundry — maybe I should have written about that). But sometimes all of these wonderful things can have crappy moments and it’s too much. What do you do in the uninspired moments?

I don’t know.

But here’s what I hope for myself and you as well if you too find yourself feeling a bit empty.

I hope you can see the beauty in the chaos, the method in the madness no matter how small. 

I hope you see your worth, in the eyes of your kids or co-workers or in the sheer amazingness you bring to this world. 

I hope you have a big or small hand to hold to ground you when things feel like they are floating away. 

I hope you have someone to call or text with all of the annoyances, and I hope that person listens and commiserates. 

I hope you have the warmth of a cozy bed to envelope you when your eyes just won’t stay open. 

I hope you have a playlist of songs — angry ones for the yelling and sappy ones for the crying and songs perfect for a sunny day drive with the windows down (I will take song requests below). 

I hope you find rest — in a book, in a cup of coffee, in a nap, and in a day off.

Not what I hope, but what I know is that this is a season, and a version of myself will soon look at this and say, girl was going through it…keyword was.

It’s a season, and I hope you know that too.