Melissa Laseter

I am just an average mom – working full-time and raising two precious boys (ages 9 and 7) with the help of my partner in crime, the Urban Woodsman. I don’t do anything special, and I am aware of and grateful for my ordinary life. I love Chattanooga and what it has to offer. I love to read life lessons and “light bulb moments” from other people, and I hope to share some of my own along the way!

I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends

We've all had that week. The week where all the responsibilities, sign-ups, and mom things just fall at one time. Although I have rough days regularly, I have that week more often than I wish....

Preparing Your Kids for Adulthood at Any Age

Photo Credit: Sister Kate Photography I have two boys, and they are four and five years old. With one barely in kindergarten, I’ve been thinking lately about school and how all roads lead to another...

Painting With a Twist {Review}

Recently, our Chattanooga Moms Blog contributors were treated to a night of fun at Painting With a Twist, a new paint party location here in Chattanooga. Located conveniently off East Brainerd Road, the space...
From the Front Porch Swing

From the Front Porch Swing

From the front porch swing of my grandmother’s house, everything slows to a crawl. I have spent weeks and weeks of my life in and around that home. I can remember sleeping on a...

Thank You Notes

I do my best to throw thanks around to any and all people I meet - we all need it, and all thank yous have value. I'm great at in-person thank yous, but I...

Thoughts on Fatherhood

It’s no secret that we spend time and energy on this blog catering to women. It’s a no-brainer really, since our target audience (and title) is Chattanooga Moms Blog. However, in the spirit of...

I’m a Mom. What’s Your Superpower?

I have two boys, and they are obsessed with superheroes. Captain America, Superman, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles - you name it, they have the t-shirt and probably an action figure. They haven't seen many of...

Tales of a Thrift Store Mom

My love affair with thrift store shopping has been burning deep inside since I realized I could buy weird, soft, old t-shirts from Goodwill instead of "borrowing" them from friends or finding them in...

TRY-umphs: Celebrating the Small Victories!

I'm not going to lie - some days I need a thumbs up or a hearty pat on the back. I'm talking about the days that seem overwhelming, the days that make it feel...

It’s Party Time! Chattanooga Birthday Party Locations

Celebrating birthdays for your kids can seem daunting. These days, there seems to be more and more pressure for a bigger, better party. Now, I'm all for a small party at the park, in...