Motherhood in Haikus


Motherhood Haikus

When writing about motherhood, there are just so many things to include. So many ways to approach it. Should you be serious? Should you be tender-hearted? Should you be silly? I am assuming you can guess what my approach to motherhood (and most things in life) is. 

And since I have a lovely college degree featuring semesters and classes chock full of literature, grammar, analysis, and poetry, I’ve decided to present some of my thoughts as haikus, because who doesn’t love a short 5/7/5 syllable ditty about the endless thoughts moms have (not to mention, it keeps life light, and I can always use a dose of that).

coffee haiku

Bathroom haiku

Green Beans Haiku

Bus Haiku

Sweet Haiku

Laundry Haiku

Cereal Haiku

Lego Haiku

Sick Haiku

Mom haiku

Party Haiku

Mickey Mouse Haiku

Trust me when I tell you that all things motherhood seem more fun when told in haiku form. So I’ll leave you with a final haiku (and a challenge)…

Haikus are so fun!

Go ahead. Give it a try!

Can’t wait to hear yours!