Consignment Resale Roundup


Consignment Resale Roundup

My parents always taught us to look for good deals, and with five kids, we had to. Now I am proud to be a second hand shopper for most things. With the ever-increasing rise in consumerism today, you can find some good treasures that are still brand new at thrift stores, Goodwill, and even on resale apps. When I moved to Chattanooga and discovered that there were yearly consignment sales for kids’ items, I was super excited. Kids outgrow stuff so quickly that most of the time it’s pointless to buy new things. Pretty much all of my daughter’s clothes are hand-me-downs, and it will most likely remain that way for a long time.

I have also discovered that there are a couple adult and home sales in the area where you can find some pretty good items. I found a set of brand new Springform pans for $7 last year. To a baker, that’s an amazing deal! You can also make some decent pocket money if you consign at the sales. I made about $100 last year selling at one of the adult and home sales. 

A few things to know about the consignment sales: 

  • If you are a first time mom, foster or adoption parent, you can get into the sale a day early. Just make sure to register for a ticket.
  • As a consigner, you can get into the sale early, but if you work the sale you can get in even earlier.
  • The resale company charges a fee (usually around $10) to consign items and they also take a certain percentage of your sales. This percentage varies from sale to sale. 
  • You have to price and tag your own items and every resale has a different way it needs to be done. 
  • There are certain days and times for item drop offs. 
  • Almost everything is discounted to 50% and then 75% the last two days of a sale. If you don’t want your items discounted, make sure to mark them as such. 

Here are the upcoming fall consignment resales in the Chattanooga area: 

Kids Consignment Resale

Kids Zone: August 10-17 at Gateway Mall 3987 Cloud Springs Road, Ringgold

Sweet Weepeets: August 24-31 at 5600 Brainerd Road, Chattanooga, behind Office Depot

Rhea Lana’s: September 8-14 at Sear’s Warehouse on Amnicola Highway, Chattanooga

Ashley Lauren’s Closet: September 9-14 at 4000 Keith Street, Cleveland

Just Between Friends: September 22-28 at Camp Jordan Arena, East Ridge

Duck Duck Goose: October 17-21 at 5380 Highway 153, Hixson

Adult and Home Consignment Resale

Grown Zone: September 7-14 at Gateway Mall 3980 Cloud Springs Road, Ringgold

Sweet Seconds: September 14-21 at 5600 Brainerd Road, Chattanooga, behind Office Depot

Now that you’ve got your items tagged and a list of needed items, get ready to shop to your heart’s delight or until you’re resaled out. 

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