“You Won’t Use That!”


"You Won't Use That!"

“You won’t use that” is a commonly said phrase I have heard since I started buying baby products. Nowadays there are so many products and so many brands from which to choose, shopping for a baby can be a bit overwhelming and confusing; not to mention the fabulous marketing tactics in play!

The “you won’t use that” products I came across are typically products that are considered a waste of money and products that are supposed to make your life easier, but somehow end up making your life way harder.

When I created my baby registry, I focused on registering for the traditional things I knew I would need, and tried to steer clear of the products that were not a necessity. However, after bringing our baby home, I found myself purchasing different products that land under the “you won’t use that” category.

Some of the products that I thought I wouldn’t use, but I actually do and which help make my life so much easier are:


Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

Baby Solo Babyfarer Infant Sunglasses 

Baby Nail File Electric Nail Trimmer

Baby Bath Silicone Brush

Baby Bum Brush

Which have been some of your biggest surprises when it comes to your most used baby products? Share with us by leaving a comment!

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Hannah Hammon
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