Adventure Sports Innovation: Experience the Outdoors on Fast Forward


Adventure Sports Innovation: Experience the Outdoors on Fast Forward

Chattanooga has the unique ability to be named the one of the best outdoor cities in America as well as “Gig City,” home to the nation’s fastest and cheapest internet, drawing the latest technology and business start ups to the area. Living and raising children in this city provides great opportunities for families to experience nature and technology at its finest.

Adventure Sport Innovation (ASI) wants to take advantage of both, by bringing the newest technology of the age and let children and adults experience it in the great outdoors.

Adventure Sports Innovation has its storefront, learning space and event center newly planted on the edge of Coolidge Park and the Tennessee River, and minutes away from the foot of Lookout Mountain. Tweens, teens and adults can drop in for half-hour or longer training sessions on hovershoes, electric unicycles/skateboards/scooter boards and more, and then head out around the Riverpark area to enjoy the outdoors. For water enthusiasts, you can take electric bodyboards, surfboards or paddleboards out on the river during the late spring and summertime. Virtual reality is available in all weather, with opportunities to hang glide, build a roller coaster and balance on top of skyscraper roofs.  

ASI offers classes in STEM learning for private groups or school groups, and birthday parties for teens looking for something different than your typical birthday experience. Two contributors for the Chattanooga Moms Blog were able to bring their sons to Adventure Sports Innovation to experience what a small scale group party would be like. After playing with the different simulators equipped with VR, they headed to the game room to practice on self-balancing boards and hovershoes. All that was missing was the cake!

“Setting aside the fact that they have a bicycle boat and I totally want to have my own birthday party at Adventure Sports Innovations, this place is amazing and like nothing I’ve ever seen. My boys (ages 10 and 12) were most excited about the VR experience, but ended up having a ball learning to ride a segway and a hoverboard. The prices are much more reasonable than I expected and we will be using little VR excursions as rewards for schoolwork well done. I am thrilled that there is now something in town that appeals to older kids, as my tweens are feeling too old for other kid-friendly destinations in Chattanooga.”  — Jama O.

Adventure Sports Innovation

ASI brings a unique and inexpensive way for youth in the Chattanooga area to experience and learn on the newest technology that they will grow up with, as well as being taught how and why it operates as it does. In an age where technology can divide generations, Adventure Sports Innovation exists to bring everyone together to learn and enjoy it.


Check out Adventure Sports Innovation on our Guide to Birthday Locations in Chattanooga! 

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