The Best Summer Ever


Hey Moms, summer isn’t quite over yet! Although you might be trying to get in all those appointments (i.e., dentist, sports’ physical, vaccines, etc.) before school begins next month, there is still plenty of time to fit in some July summer fun!

Remember, we won’t have this July again.

Next time this year, the kids will be a year older, and we may no longer be “cool” to hang out with. (Us, not “cool?” Never!) Therefore, make some time for quality time with the kiddos this month before the school schedule begins again (in just a few weeks!).

Create a Theme for the Day

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE themes. This is probably why I enjoy holidays so much — they provide a theme I get to take advantage of and bring home with me! So, this July, create some theme days in which you and the kids can partake!

For example, maybe have a “Where Should We Go Wednesday” or a “Family Fun Day Friday.” Having a theme will help you to decide what type of activity you want to do for the day! And don’t feel like you have to do something every single day of the week. Fit it in around your schedule. Maybe this week you do something on Monday and Friday, next week on Tuesday, and so on and so forth. Definitely spread out the activities so they don’t turn from fun to expectations for your kids.

Out and About Chattanooga

  • There is just too much fun to be had at the Creative Discovery Museum not to make a stop there this July! Between splashing around in RiverPlay, to learning a new dish in Culinary Corner, there is so much fun in store that CDM has even extended its hours from 9:30am to 5:30pm!
  • Do you need your children to work off some energy (or too much sugar!)? Then visit Air Bounce Party and Play in the Northgate Mall so the kids can jump until they cannot jump anymore! Before you know it, they will be asleep in the car on the way home.
  • Are you looking for just an easy day? Then, grab a picnic basket and head on over to Coolidge Park. After lunch, take a ride on the Carousel at Coolidge Park, which would be a great place to host a birthday party or back-to-school gathering!
  • Don’t you just hate it when the rain tries to spoil your fun? Fortunately, with Superfly Extreme Air Sports just down the road, your fun day doesn’t have to be ruined by the rain. Take the kiddos to Superfly to enjoy an hour or two of playing extreme dodgeball, practicing aerial skills, or completing the ninja obstacle course.
  • Does your child have a birthday coming up, but you want to try something different than a pool party? Visit Sir Goony’s Family Fun Center and let them handle the birthday party so you can enjoy the time with the kids. Plus, with Goony Golf, laser fury, and golf cars, you won’t have to worry about anyone being bored!
  • If you haven’t been to the Tennessee Aquarium yet this summer, now is the time to go with the opening of the Lemur Forest. Better yet, if you can make it around 11am or 3pm, you can meet with one of the lemur experts who will provide some snacks for the lemurs, allowing you and your family to get a closer look. How cool is that?

Hanging Around the House (suggestions borrowed directly from this awesome post over at Knoxville Moms Blog)

  • Reinvent their imagination with a kid-friendly podcast before bedtime
  • Three words: squirt gun painting
  • Make some flubber 
  • Water balloons for endless fun, including water balloon dodge ball or hang a line of them as piñatas
  • Laundry basket skeeball and other great indoor activities
  • Turn off all the lights during a storm, light some candles and have a throwback to how it was when you were a kid and the power went out
  • Have a silly makeover day. Buy some cheap temporary hair color spray and temporary tattoos and dress crazy
  • Tie dye some t-shirts and buy some cheap flip flops to decorate to match
  • Outdoor lawn games (think giant Jenga blocks, giant checkers, spray painted twister circles on the lawn or corn hole)
  • Make your own sundae party and then settle in for a ’90s Retro Movie Night 
  • Have a bonfire, roast some marshmallows, and bring out the sparklers
  • A neighborhood scavenger hunt ending with a summer piñata
  • Show your kids some Pinterest projects and let them pick the art activity of their choice
  • Make a fun summer art snack, edible art with toothpicks, and let the kids chow down after they are done! Or better yet, break out the popsicles and turn the leftover sticks into an art project
  • Have an indoor picnic

Remember, the ultimate goal is to have fun, but also help the kiddos sleep like babies at the end of the night — Mommy for the win! 

Did I miss anything that is a “must” on your summer to-do list? I would love to gather more activity ideas! Share with us by leaving a comment!

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