Combating Learning Loss with Personalized GoPeer Tutoring


As a mom and teacher living in the age of a global pandemic, I’ve seen firsthand just how many students are struggling academically. With so much learning time lost, that’s to be expected, but as parents and educators, we want to do all we can to bring them up to where they need to be academically. Enter GoPeer Tutoring.

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This is brought to you by our partners at GoPeer, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

This is a one to one online tutoring site that is personalized to meet your child’s academic needs. There are hundreds of verified and experienced tutors to choose from, and they specialize in over 150 subjects. Whether your child is in kindergarten or a senior in high school, you can find a tutor to meet your needs. With this being a 100% online tutoring platform, registration, scheduling, and live tutoring sessions are extremely easy to navigate. Whether your child has special needs, is behind due to the pandemic, on grade level, gifted, struggles with homework, or needs help studying for state tests, you can find exactly what you need with GoPeer Tutoring.

GoPeerRegistering and signing up was very easy! I put in my information, and within minutes my profile was set up. I put in tutoring request for all three of my boys to meet their different needs, and within minutes, I had over twenty tutoring recommendations. GoPeer Tutoring reached out to the tutors for confirmation, so all I had to do was sit back and wait for a confirmed session. Once a tutor was assigned to our session, they sent me a quick message listing their qualifications and experience. We also set up a 15 minute time to meet and discuss my child’s needs before our first tutoring session.

We settled on a session for my son who is in 3rd grade, Clark, and we focused on math for a half hour session. Our tutor, Camryn, asked that we let her know what he needs to work on before our allotted time, so I sent her some word problems and geometry pages recommended by Clark’s teacher. She had a copy of the problems, and so did Clark. During their session, they worked out each problem together. As they worked, she gave him strategies to help him solve each problem and easy ways to fix his mistakes. He was engaged the entire time, and even though our 30 minutes was up, she kept working with him until all the problems were done.

Another great bonus was that he didn’t need me the entire time! Once I got him logged into the platform, it was a breeze. The video and audio worked flawlessly, and Camryn worked with him the whole time… no questions for me!

He enjoyed his time working with Camryn, and when he was finished, he felt very accomplished in all the problems they had worked!

As an educator, I think this is a fantastic option for students. So many have fallen behind due to the pandemic, and this is a great way to work at home to get caught up. As a mom, I was thrilled to have someone else help my child with his school work. All moms know that kids listen better to someone other than their parents, so this was great!

If you’re looking for extra help for any of your school-aged children, give GoPeer Tutoring a try!