Mom And Dad Aren’t Ready For The Rigors Of Potty Training


Mom And Dad Aren't Ready For The Rigors Of Potty Training

It’s time. Mom knows it is. Dad knows it is.

Our two-year-old has been telling me for months that she is, in fact, ready. She uses the correct vocabulary, has started doing the deed whilst in the correct space, and shows curiosity about the act when others are doing it.

We cannot put it off any longer…Potty Training Boot Camp must begin!

With our first little blessing, now seven, we started a bit too young and tried to work her into potty training before she was ready. It didn’t cause any harm, and we got the idea in her head a bit. However, it was a long, drawn-out process to get her from point A to point WeNoLongerPeeOnTheFloor.

Perhaps waiting a bit longer would have saved us some cleanup, but we survived and eventually thrived: clean panties, no more bed wetting, and the ability to effectively wipe one’s bum after Number Two. I feel like all parents deserve quite a large trophy after reaching this happy stage, though the biggest reward for most moms is not having to wash toddler sheets every day.

With our second, we’ve waited longer — perhaps too long — to start the process. Why did we wait longer? A mixture of potty training anxiety, long work trips by my husband, and a sincere wish for a magic solution that doesn’t involve the next year or more struggling to impart sanitary concepts to a two-year-old.

But here we are. So, what’s our plan this time around?

We are going to do a three-day Potty Training Boot Camp. The theory behind this method is to make three days into nothing but potty time. This involves putting aside all plans and focusing solely on your little one.

Before getting started, you should ensure you have all your materials ready:

  • The “Potty Time with Elmo,” book or something similar to read over and over until you want to cry.
  • At least a dozen songs and videos to help instill proper potty etiquette. A quick search online and you will find all you need there.
  • A trusty egg timer. Set the alarm every 30 minutes, let your little one run naked around the house, and swoop him or her onto the potty every time it dings.
  • A celebration dance and song. Ours involves ecstatically waving our arms and dancing in a circle while chanting: “Peepee (or poopy) in the potty!” Our seven-year-old loved this part of the process and is excited to help us with it now for our new trainer.

The trick is that once you start, you should try and keep it up for all three days. It is a challenge, but apparently when the stars align, and the children are ready, this can be the trick that makes everything click into place.

We tried it with our first child, and it did help her get started, but again, as we attempted everything too young, I think we set ourselves up for failure. Now, I have high hopes that the PT Boot Camp will be successful.

Wish us luck! I wish you luck too! Let me know what your favorite method is for starting the potty training journey!

This is my hope,

This is my prayer,

Please, Dear Lord, help us all survive the trials of potty training with our sanity intact.