3 Apps My 10-Year-Old Has On Her Phone


3 Apps My 10-Year-Old Has On Her Phone Today, parenting unfortunately involves navigating the realm of smartphones and apps. As a parent, it’s difficult to figure out what apps to allow kids to have. I think it is important for kids to see how social media works and learn how to work with technology within healthy boundaries, but it can be scary to let them into the world of algorithms and FYPs. For my daughter, I’ve found a few good apps that have allowed her to learn how to interact online and navigate apps.

Here are the three apps that we allow our 10-year-old daughter to have on her phone:

1. Pinterest

When it comes to exploring interests and fostering creativity, Pinterest reigns supreme, especially for my artsy aspiring cook. While initially known for its vast collection of DIY projects and recipes, Pinterest has evolved into a versatile platform that caters to various hobbies and interests. For my daughter, Pinterest is a tool for honing her interests and exploring new ideas while learning to navigate digital platforms safely. She has managed comments, uploads her own silly videos and sees minimal views and interactions, which is ideal for us.

Unlike traditional social media platforms, Pinterest operates more like a search engine, allowing users to discover content without the pressure of likes or comments. This aspect provides a safer environment for my daughter to explore her passions, whether it’s art, crafts, or science experiments. I like the ability to monitor her activity and guide her towards age-appropriate content, ensuring a positive online experience. She does get served a few TikTok dance videos that have been uploaded, but I don’t mind.

The only downside here is that there are a ton of makeup application videos and we have had a lot of discussions around age appropriate makeup application, but I’ll take this con over any other.

2. Map My Walk

As a homeschooling parent, incorporating physical activity into my daughter’s daily routine can be a challenge. Map My Walk has motivated her to stay active while working indoors most of the time as an online student. This app not only tracks her steps, but also allows her to participate in challenges and competitions. There’s a kids’ medal challenge website that allows us to sign up for various mile challenges and earn rewards. She loves these and Map My Walk allows her to track her progress towards her goal and learn a healthy amount of movement throughout the day.

By gamifying her walks and setting achievable goals, Map My Walk has made physical activity into a fun experience for my daughter. Whether she’s aiming for a new personal record or competing with friends in virtual races, this app encourages healthy habits while fostering a sense of accomplishment. It’s definitely a win-win and I can’t think of a downside.

3. Messenger Kids

As my daughter grows older, teaching her healthy communication habits online becomes more and more important. Messenger Kids provides a secure platform for her to connect with friends and family members, all under my eye. It has built-in parental controls and message monitoring features, which helps me look for online bullying, appropriateness in conversations and length of time spent online. The conversations all go to my phone as well, so I can monitor in real time if I need to.

Navigating online interactions as a parent comes with its challenges and really needs to be tailored for each family. But I believe that by teaching kids how to appropriately use apps and online platforms at a young age, we are setting them up for responsible usage as teens and young adults.

These apps have not only given my daughter the confidence to interact independently online, but have also provided me with peace of mind as a parent, knowing that she’s engaging with technology in a safe and constructive way.

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