Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids


Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts For KidsThe season of love is upon us! Over the last few years, Valentine’s Day has become a holiday favorite at our house. From the sweet gifts to fun decorations, my kids have slowly turned me into a Valentine’s Day lover. This wasn’t always the case for me, but somehow my kids always seem to make each holiday more fun.

Inspired by Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing some of the fun crafts we are doing as a family to celebrate the day. These crafts are simple, fun, and can be done with things you most likely have around the house. Win for both the moms and kids in the group.

Valentine’s Day Tree Craft

The only materials needed for this craft are construction paper and glue. This is great for smaller kids who are learning to use scissor cutting skills. Simply trace their hand and small hearts, then let them get to work cutting. Once they have everything cut out, glue the traced hand on a full size construction paper. Then, let their imaginations go to work decorating their hand tree with the hearts. My inspiration for this craft is linked here.

Coffee Filter Hearts Valentine Craft

This idea came from a fellow mom blogger who has so many cool art ideas using coffee filters. I have linked the full instructions here along with other holiday ideas using the same coffee filter art. She includes full instructions on how to complete this simple, but really fun project using magic markers, coffee filters, scissors, and a spray bottle. I think this has been my kids’ favorite so far! They love seeing their art change as they spray the filters. Make sure to visit her full blog here as it includes instructions and even a heart template to make it easier on you.

Valentine’s Day Headbands

My kids love these for any occasion! They are cute and it allows them to be creative while gearing up to celebrate. This craft also strengthens fine motor skills, cutting skills, and the imagination. Using the guide from Events to Celebrate, your family can create their own custom headbands to celebrate at home.

Heart Windsock Valentine’s Day Craft

This craft can be customized in so many ways. This idea came from blogger iHeartCraftyThings, but I added our own twist to it since I wanted to use the supplies we already had on hand instead of buying more from the craft store. My family uses construction paper we already have for the cylinder and we create our own heart “stickers” by cutting out small hearts and decorating them. If you do not have party streamers (we did not), you can use ribbon instead. Full instructions can be found here.

I hope your family enjoys these fun Valentine’s Day crafts as much as we do by keeping it simple while also making it memorable. Make sure to share any craft ideas that your family does by leaving a comment below. I would love to read about them. We may just have to add them to our family list next year.

Happy Valentine’s Day!