Family Trip To Callaway Resort & Gardens


Family Trip to Callaway Resort & Gardens

With Callaway Resort and Gardens around three hours away from Chattanooga, it makes it the perfect family trip! It is not too far away to travel with kids, but just far away enough to feel like you’re actually getting away. And let’s face it; vacationing with kids can be hard, but especially hard right now when we are trying to avoid crowds. Callaway Resort and Gardens is the perfect family trip as it offers so many outdoor possibilities for all ages!

My family and I (okay, me, it was me) really wanted to go on vacation, but we had a lot of stipulations to meet. We wanted to find somewhere to go that was completely outdoors, not around crowds, and that we could stay onsite, while not camping.

Did that place exist? Lo and behold, it did. 

Callaway Gardens is located in Pine Mountain, Georgia on 2,500 acres for you to explore. There are the gardens, nature trails, and endless activities for you to take advantage of! Whether you want to leisurely stroll the gardens, play in the lake, or bike some of the trails, there is so much to see and explore. 

Besides it being almost completely outdoors, one of the top reasons we chose to take a family trip there is because we can stay there onsite. Vacationing with little ones is already hard enough, but I find staying where the activity is makes the trip a lot more enjoyable since we can walk straight back to our room when it’s time to nap or if the kids need a rest break.

*Callaway Gardens does offer regular day admission, if you are interested in visiting, but not staying at the resort. They are open from 9am to dusk. As of right now, you can save $5 per ticket if you purchase your ticket online.

The resort has three different options for staying: The Lodge and Spa (a deluxe hotel room), The Cottages (includes a full kitchen and fireplace), and The Villas (a spacious and upscale home).

For our family trip, we chose to stay at The Lodge and Spa. Not only are the rooms spacious and quiet, but there are two restaurants at the hotel.
View of the Lodge and Spa. Just a short walk away from our room, we had access to a private pool.

Another added bonus of this family trip, Callaway Gardens has several onsite dining options to choose from. The restaurants are scattered throughout the resort, which is helpful as you’re able to walk to one when the kids start to get hungry. Of course, Callaway Gardens does allow you to bring food and drinks too. There are several pavilions located throughout the park. 

For our family trip, we decided to take advantage of the hiking trails, beautiful gardens, and their lakeside beach, Robin Lake Beach. At Robin Lake Beach, my kids enjoyed playing in the sand and hitting up the nearby putt-putt area afterwards. My kids are young (four and one), so they aren’t able to do all of the outdoor options yet like the TreeTop Adventure or water sport activities

Robin Beach Lake area. At Robin Beach, guests can play in the sand and swim, fish in the lake, play at the playground, or enjoy a game of putt-putt. There are also other lakes for guests to canoe or kayak in!

Callaway Gardens has a few indoor spaces to enjoy as well. The Day Butterfly Center hosts over 1,000 butterflies, where guests can experience them up close. My kids were enchanted by all the butterflies flying around them and landing nearby. In the Discovery Amphitheater, the Birds of Prey show takes place. During this program, visitors view several birds up close, while being educated about man’s impact on these species, as well as other wildlife.

Our view of the Day Butterfly Center after walking up a trail (there’s also parking lots at all of the attractions, if you prefer to drive!).

Another great factor about Callaway Resort and Gardens is that they offer amenities that adults would enjoy as well. My husband was excited to go play golf, while I took advantage of the spa. It was great that we could not only have family time, but relaxing time to ourselves (win, win!). 

If you want to learn more about Callaway Gardens, check out their website to learn more about all the exciting outdoor activities offered. If you’re interested in reading more about family-friendly day trips from Chattanooga or ideas about family getaways, be sure to check out all our posts about family trips!